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See what the eSpeakers PRO system does for your speaking business. Your first two months of service are just $10 USD ($149.90 value) and there’s no obligation to continue after the trial is over.


Support the growth of your business and broaden the impact of your presentations with easy-to-use management tools and added exposure through the eSpeaker directory.

Grow your client base

Find new clients and establish repeat business with intuitive marketing and business development tools.

Focus on what you do best

Spend more time doing what you love: changing lives. Your eSpeakers calendar automatically manages your schedule, clients and events.

Get hired online

Be the right speaker in front of the right audience. Connect to more buyers from around the world when you leverage eSpeakers’ industry partners with your online profile.


eSpeakers provides the tools, services and features to manage and grow every aspect of your speaking business.


Fill out a simple online form, and eSpeakers will automatically transform your profile information into a professional profile page that connects your speaking skills to the perfect audiences.


Track the status of the to-do items you’ll need before, during and after your events. Customize the master Action List once, and it will intelligently apply tasks for every new event on your calendar.


Create, modify and manage the documentation you need for every event, including contracts, thank-you letters, invoices, program agreements and more.


Attach any type of file directly to an event for permanent storage, and use customizable template files to automatically generate all the event documents you create in Word and Excel.


Do twice the business on every trip. The eSpeakers Local Lead Pool provides you a list of premium leads close to each of your scheduled engagements.


Your job is on the go, and our job is to keep you mobile. Tap into your live event calendar from your mobile device and access your event details, calendar information and travel plans from wherever you are.


Our reporting tools provide a transparent view of your business trends and data. Generate reports that analyze lead sources, hold aging, income, product sales, bookings vs. holds and more. eSpeakers even generates the NSA’s CSP application.


Embed a live schedule that updates itself continuously, a Book-Me-Now button to give visitors an easy way to check your availability and the SpeakerTRACK guestbook to collect contact information—all on your own website.


Track leads, organize travel information and make it easy for your customers to discover your real-time availability with a cloud-based, multi-user friendly calendar suite designed for speakers.


A BureauBlast sends your marketing materials via email to more than 300 speaker bureau reps all over the world. Because it’s coming from eSpeakers, you’ll enjoy a higher-than-average open rate.


Outlook, Mac Calendar, Salesforce, Yahoo, Google? Your eSpeakers tools and resources integrate seamlessly with the apps and programs you use every day.


eSpeakers is built to support and manage up to 400 speakers in real-time. Our specialized event management calendar lets speakers work seamlessly with virtual (remote staff members).

Widest marketing exposure in the industry.

Be found on the biggest network of sites where event organizers and meetings professionals go to find and hire speakers.

eSpeakers own Marketplace site, and partnerships with organizations like the National Speakers Association, Meeting Professionals International, and Washington Speakers Bureau (along with many others) give you maximum exposure to buyers looking for speakers to hire.

Your eSpeakers profile can include all of the information that buyers need to make a hiring decision:

  • full bio text (in multiple languages if applicable)
  • topics and industry experience
  • up to 30 minutes of video
  • profile photo
  • recommendations from past clients
  • program titles and descriptions
  • live social media updates from your stream
  • …more
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calendar closeup

Calendaring designed by busy speakers.

Generic calendars like Google and Outlook are fine for personal use, but they don’t understand the special needs of professionals who sell their time for a living.

The eSpeakers calendar knows how to track your events from start to finish as it moves from lead to hold to confirmed.

Scheduled a multi-day event with more than one time on stage? No problem.

Want to see where your flights are so you don’t overbook yourself? Done.

Need to integrate your eSpeakers speaking calendar with your personal calendar on Outlook, Google, Mac, iPhone, Android and most others? Simple.

Run your speaking business with the eSpeakers calendar and find out why it’s the choice of so many of the busiest speakers in the business.

Peace of mind.

Find more zen moments with the ActionList. This super-tool is part of  your eSpeakers calendar and knows exactly when critical actions need to be done for successful events. The list adapts as your event moves from lead to held to confirmed, applying the right to-do items on the right day.

You and your assistants receive an email each morning letting you know what needs to be done today to delight your customers.

Create multiple Actionlists for different types of events (workshop, keynote, webinar, etc) and customize them with the actions and timelines that are important to you.

actionlist detail
report lead productivity

Grow intelligently.

Over 20 business reports give you a look into your speaking business with information you may never have seen before. Quickly answer questions like:

  • “What’s my income forecast for the next six months?”
  • “Which of my stories have I already told the group I’m speaking to next week?”
  • “Compare my confirm ratio for the different ways clients found me last year.”
  • “What’s my travel itinerary for the next 10 days?”
  • …many more

Turn travel into new customers

The eSpeakers Local Lead Pool has tens of thousands of the people who hire speakers. Every time you travel, you’ll receive a report including contacts in a 1-hour radius of the location you’re speaking: marking gold.

The list of contacts you can reach out to includes event organizers for associations and corporations, speakers bureaus, chambers of commerce, and more. Add in a long list of media contacts in TV, radio, print and web journalism to find opportunities for media exposure.

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Be mobile.

Busy presenters are on the road. A lot.

Enjoy the power of having every critical detail about your speaking business in the palm of your hand, available 24×7, and always in sync with the office.

You’ll wonder how you lived without travel itineraries, correspondence history and notes about the event, event calendar with dates clearly visible, and much more – all in one app on your phone or tablet.

Get Attached.

The library feature of the eSpeakers calendar makes working with event-related documents a breeze.

Set up template files once in Excel and Word, then use the merge feature to generate contracts, thank-you letters, and more with a click.

Attach any type of file (signed contracts, Powerpoint presentations, etc) to each event for permanent storage. Attached files show up with the event they’re related to, so you’re never hunting.

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Speakers PRO system

Find out what the eSpeakers PRO system does for your speaking business. Your first two months of service are just $10 USD ($149.90 value) and there’s no obligation.