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Speak all over the globe by adding profile content in different languages

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If you'd like to speak in other countries show that to potential buyers by posting content in the languages you speak.

Be included in searches by language

Event organizers can search by language spoken

Event organizers searching for speakers can filter for language spoken. Only speakers who have indicated they present in that language are included in the search results. Make sure you've indicated all of the languages in which you present so that you're included in as many results as possible.

What languages do you speak?
  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers Marketing Dashboard and click EDIT YOUR PROFILE
  2. Click the PROGRAMS tab and scroll down to the LANGUAGES section.
  3. Check ON each language in which you present.

Indicating languages this way does two things:

  • Includes you in the results when an event organizer searches for one of the languages you checked.
  • Displays the list of languages you speak on your profile in the LANGUAGES section.

Display your marketing material in other languages

Market to event organizers who need a language other than English
Want to be convincing to event organizers looking for speakers who present in their language?

You can provide multiple copies of the marketing material in your eSpeakers profile in each of the languages you speak:

  • full bio text
  • one-line bio (tagline)
  • program descriptions
  • video
  • audio

When you post any of these items in a language other than English, visitors to your profile will see a language selector allowing them to read your material in the language they wish.

Profiles are displayed in English by default, and will show only English material until the event organizer switches languages, at which time it will show only material in that language.

Add one-line and full bio text in multiple languages

Most speakers will create a bio for each language they speak, so repeat this process for as many languages as you're able.

  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers Marketing Dashboard and click EDIT YOUR PROFILE .
    Add bio text in each language you speak
  2. Click the BIOGRAPHY tab.
  3. Change the language selector from ENGLISH to the language you'd like to add. You'll see the ONE-LINE BIO and FULL BIO switch to show what you've entered for that language (empty to start with).
  4. Enter or edit your bio in the new language and use the SAVE button commit your changes.
  5. If you've got another language to enter, just repeat the process. You can even enter topic-specific bio data in different languages to make your pitch spot-on.

Add program descriptions in multiple languages

Most speakers will duplicate their programs in each language they speak. If you have 5 programs and speak 3 languages, you'll have 15 entries in the Programs list.

  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers Marketing Dashboard and click EDIT YOUR PROFILE .
    Add program descriptions in each language you speak
  2. Click the PROGRAMS tab.
  3. Click the ADD button.
  4. Use the LANGUAGE selector to choose the language you wish, then complete the rest of the form in that language and click SAVE.
  5. Repeat as needed.

Add video and other promotional material in multiple languages

Add copies of your promotional material in other languages to give event organizers who speak that language a good reason to hire you.

  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers Marketing Dashboard and click VIDEO, FILES & RECOMMENDATIONS.
    Set the language for video or file
  2. Click the ADD VIDEO button if you want to add a video, or the ADD OTHER button to add anything else.
  3. After selecting the file to upload, use MATERIAL LANGUAGE control to select the language of the file, complete the rest of the form in that language, then click SAVE.
  4. Repeat as needed.

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