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Sam Silverstein, CSP

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Finding and hiring the perfect speaker is easy when you use eSpeakers.

The industry's directory

An amazing library of public speakers is now in your hands. Powerful search filters take you from thousands of options to the right speaker in seconds. Verified reviews help you avoid hiring mistakes.


You can connect with speakers via email or phone when you hire a public speaker through eSpeakers.

Easy Interaction

Communicate with candidate speakers by exchanging messages or using the speaker's contact information to speak with them directly. Bring your co-workers and other team members into the hiring decision with unique voting tools.


It's easy to hire a speaker and complete the contract and payment in a safe, secure environment.

Contract & Payment

Hire safely. Contracts and payments are handled securely through Marketplace to make the process easy and safe. After the event, share with others your experience with the speaker by posting your review of them.



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  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • National Association of Professional Speakers Australia
  • And Many More...
"With eSpeakers, I found two great speakers who supported our professional development message. The amazing local search helped me find many speakers in our price range. It was hard for the committee to choose only two."

-Andrea C, Utah State Office of Education

Verified Reviews

Marketplace is the only site where you'll find vetted reviews from confirmed past buyers; it's advice you can trust.

No-Risk Booking

In the eSpeakers Marketplace, you'll work with speakers who guarantee their results, or your money back.

Collaborative Tools

Intuitive collaborative tools allow multiple stakeholders to share feedback on potential speakers.

Digital Paperwork

Save time by keeping all contracts, communications, and invoices in one easy place.

Cut Travel Costs

Save money on travel charges by searching for speakers who will be local during your event.

Easy Invoicing

The Marketplace will generate printable and email-able invoices for both parties in each engagement.

Finding, connecting with, and hiring the perfect speaker for your next event is easier than it's ever been here on the eSpeakers Marketplace.

We understand there’s a lot riding on your choice of a speaker for your meeting. A great speaker sets an upbeat, productive tone for the entire event. A great speaker can bring real change to your organization. A great speaker makes the audience happy they took the time to be there.

Using a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find a great speaker is like finding phone numbers by walking door to door and asking. Why not use the phone book!

The eSpeakers Marketplace brings the world’s greatest speakers together in one place and makes it easy to filter by topic, price range, and availability. You get to explore your speaker options by watching videos, reading reviews from past clients, and reading through the speaker’s own program descriptions. The eSpeakers Marketplace information is uniquely useful because the speakers post it themselves!

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a handful, continue the process by messaging the speakers directly. They’re anxious to work with you and will reply to the questions you ask as you make a final decision about the presenter you want.

When you selected a particular speaker for the speaking slot, click the HIRE button to let them know you’re ready to engage them. You’ll make payment and contract arrangements directly with the speaker in a simple process.

Your days of sifting through search engine results for the needle are done. Hire your next speaker through eSpeakers and find out just how easy and fun it can be to complete this crucial part of your meeting.