Healthcare matters, because the health and wellness of your organization will have a direct impact on the overall success of the business. Many people are experiencing poor health, which results in missed hours at work and high medical bills. Health and wellness speakers focus on the education of health, helping audience members to improve their daily habits in order to create better health.

Healthcare & wellness speakers help with both physical and mental health topics, and the message can be catered to the people in attendance. Topics might include a range of things, such as healthy eating, exercise and fitness, positive mental health, ways to boost self-esteem, and more. By learning this information and learning more about goal setting for better health, audience members will be empowered to make the changes that are needed in their lives in order to improve their overall health and wellness.

The goal of a health speaker is to empower individuals to take control of their health, in order to take a proactive approach to preventing medical problems that develop from unhealthy lifestyle habits. The individual will benefit since they will feel better and have more energy, and your organization will benefit since employees will be more productive and focused on their work.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring healthcare and wellness speakers to teach and inspire your employees or members of an organization. These presentations will provide the tools and practices that are needed to promote happier and healthier lifestyles.

Addiction (64 experts)

Addiction speakers share their stories with others to help them find their own success. They may still be fighting the battle against addiction, as the road to recovery is long. Their stories are insp ...(read more)

Aging (180 experts)

Aging speakers educate, inspire, and motivate audiences to adapt to change and give healthy lifestyle suggestions.

Alcoholism/Drug Abuse (146 experts)

Alcoholism/drug abuse speakers offer skills to help audiences find their own happiness and success. Audiences can utilize these skills to find personal power, to succeed in life, and to heal relations ...(read more)

Anger Management (50 experts)

Anger management speakers teach therapeutic techniques that will reduce excessive or uncontrollable anger and aggression. They will help your audience recognize and control the triggers, degrees, and ...(read more)

Bereavement (93 experts)

Bereavement speakers teach healthy ways to cope with pain and with loss. These steps, in time, can renew you and permit you to move on.

Cancer (180 experts)

Cancer speakers help audiences see that there is more to life than a cancer diagnosis. They show audiences that you can achieve, inspire, and become whole again.

Change (1,598 experts)

Change speakers get you off your seat and fired up for the change you and your organization are seeking. They discuss the behaviors and fears that are stopping change and ways to move forward.

Child Abuse (18 experts)

Child Abuse speakers are survivors of sexual violence who volunteer to share their stories. These speakers live in every corner of the world and represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experience ...(read more)

Chronic Diseases (98 experts)

Chronic disease speakers give your audience information, humor, and skills to help individuals cope with chronic disease.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) (9 experts)

COVID-19 (coronavirus) speakers share solutions, experiences, and the most up-to-date information about the impact of coronavirus on the world we live in.

Disability (52 experts)

Disability speakers are experts in dealing with life deals them. They harnessing their power to reframe and adjust perspective, and share and lift audiences up and over, but carry them further, going ...(read more)

Disaster/Emergency (5 experts)

Disaster/Emergency speakers share their expertise in the face of tragedy, crime, surprise attacks, hurricanes, tornadoes, and trauma. Disaster/Emergency speakers present innovative solutions to those ...(read more)

Domestic Violence (110 experts)

Domestic violence speakers give your audience knowledge and expertise to recognize abuse and teach the necessary steps to deter future abuse.

Eating Disorders (34 experts)

Eating disorders speakers help determine the biological, psychological and/or environmental abnormalities that attribute to an eating disorder. They also give ways to help with self esteem and share t ...(read more)

Emotional Intelligence (447 experts)

Emotional intelligence speakers help audiences understand their ability to identify and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others. They speak about emotional awareness, including the abilit ...(read more)

Exercise (2 experts)

Speakers who present on exercise are experts on helping others get and stay active. Whether you’re walking, running, biking, swimming, or more; these experts can inspire you to work out to the best ...(read more)

Family (319 experts)

Family speakers share ways to build strong families and nurture relationships with family members. They also discuss issues about the family like parenting and finances.

Fitness (115 experts)

Fitness speakers teach audiences about exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. We live in a world of physical challenges. What should we eat to stay healthy? How much should we exercise to keep in sha ...(read more)

Food (163 experts)

Food speakers share their love of food with your audience and teach how to both appreciate food and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Future (323 experts)

Future speakers discuss ways to anticipate and prepare for the future. They help audiences appreciate the present while looking forward to a positive future.

Gender Issues (156 experts)

Gender issues speakers offer skills and solutions for resolving gender related problems in your organization.

Generation Issues (269 experts)

Generation issues speakers discuss ways to dissolve problems between generations in your organization. They show how resolving differences can increase your organization's success.

Health (634 experts)

Speakers on Health discuss strategies to improve your health including regular exercise, a balanced diet, positive self-esteem, and ways to set health-related goals.

Healthcare (636 experts)

Healthcare speakers share a variety of insights about healthcare by connecting it to the economy, healthy lifestyles, management and more.

Healthcare business (195 experts)

Business of Healthcare speakers seek to create a collaborative learning environment for professionals across all specialties within healthcare. By providing lectures, learning materials, and networkin ...(read more)

Image/Self-Esteem (663 experts)

Image/self-esteem speakers teach audiences how to create and maintain a positive self-image for yourself while also encouraging others to construct high self-esteem.

Life Balance (801 experts)

Life balance speakers share ways to balance busy schedules and lifestyles. Through their experiences, they show the importance of values and proportionality in life.

Lifestyle (234 experts)

Lifestyle speakers empower your audience to create a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life. They share experiences to show the value of change in creating an optimal lifestyle.

Medical/Dental (118 experts)

Medical/dental speakers share their real-life experiences in healthcare and share ways to increase your understanding of healthy practices.

Meditation (33 experts)

Experts in Meditation talk about how to become better at meditating, and they unveil the secrets in allowing yourself to get more out of your meditation practice, and the benefits of meditation in the ...(read more)

Memory Improvement (12 experts)

Memory Improvement speakers share their real-life memory skills to teach audiences how to improve and retain their collective and individual memory skills.

Men's Health (51 experts)

Mens health speakers focus on empowering men and discuss ways men can increase their physical and mental wellness.

Mental Health (419 experts)

Mental Health speakers share their real-life experiences and teach audiences how to understand and improve their collective and individual mental health.

Mental Strength (159 experts)

Mental Strength speakers share their real-life experiences and teach audiences how to understand and improve their collective and individual mental strength.

Mindfulness (152 experts)

Experts on Mindfulness are some of the world's most respected when it comes to teaching the capacity to change the world from the inside out, one audience at a time, one person at a time. They help in ...(read more)

Mindset (380 experts)

Experts on Mindset teach audiences about a set of beliefs we have about ourselves and our potential. That if we have a fixed mindset we believe our potential is limited, or fixed. They helps individua ...(read more)

Nutrition (14 experts)

Nutrition speakers are experts on more than just reading labels. They empower others on self-love, eating well, and eating natural foods for a vibrant healthy life. These experts will inspire limitles ...(read more)

Pandemics (2 experts)

Pandemic speakers make sense of its impact on the world. They understand the issues, examine the physical and social effects of a global pandemic, and add insights to finding a vaccine that can help b ...(read more)

Patriotic (56 experts)

Patriotic speakers discuss the heroes and historical figures who have shaped nations. They will inspire and motivate you with their experiences and meaningful insights.

Pro-Choice (1 experts)

Pro-choice speakers discuss the opportunities and benefits of giving women choice in pregnancy.

Pro-Life (18 experts)

Pro-life speakers discuss the benefits and opportunities of giving every child the chance to live.

Psychology (267 experts)

Psychology speakers share different ideas for understanding individuals, groups, and companies. They will help your organization learn skills for understanding how people think, react, and learn diffe ...(read more)

Relationships (556 experts)

Relationships speakers share strategies for building and maintaining productive, meaningful relationships both professionally and socially.

Retirement/Aging (127 experts)

Retirement/aging speakers educate, inspire, and motivate audiences to adapt to change in retirement and give healthy lifestyle suggestions.

Sexuality (49 experts)

Sexuality speakers educate and empower audiences to cultivate a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life.

Sleep (7 experts)

Speakers on sleep share their expertise on the science of sleep as well as give tips on how to get more of it. Including covering consumer products for sleep (mattresses, pillows, sheets, sound machin ...(read more)

Special Needs (10 experts)

As leaders, managers, and coworkers, we must understand the lives of those with special needs. Our special needs speakers provide hands-on advice on helping and talking about those with special needs. ...(read more)

Spouse Programs (148 experts)

Spouse programs speakers share strategies for getting along with and improving relationships between spouses.

Stress (657 experts)

Stress speakers share effective strategies and practices for recognizing, combatting, and overcoming stress.

Suicide Prevention (23 experts)

These speakers educate and empower audiences to cultivate a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life.

Wellness (773 experts)

Wellness speakers teach audiences skills and practices to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

Women's Health (329 experts)

Women's health speakers teach strategies and practices to help women enjoy optimal healthy lifestyles.

Youth/Children (430 experts)

Youth/Children speakers inspire them to reach their potential. They provide real-world experiences to connect with them, and then help them understand they can change their path and accomplish anythi ...(read more)

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