Introducing the first speech intelligence platform, with AI-powered speech analytics.

Cadence result sample

This new x-ray technology for the spoken word helps you see all elements of your presentation. Understanding what’s beneath the surface of your speech will help you improve your presentations and your message’s impact on your audience. S-Ray intelligence can analyze your presentation and let you know how you can improve. Do you have a lot of variation in the tone of your voice or too many pitch changes? Is your voice volume putting people to sleep? These are elements of your speech that can determine whether your presentation is a success or not.

You can use S-Ray to see how you compare to a successful speaker like Tony Robbins or an inspirational speaker like Oprah Winfrey? Or are you new to speaking and want to model your speaking after Martin Luther King Jr., Zig Ziglar, or Madeleine Albright? You can do both with S-Ray!

These six components are combined into what we call Cadence, which can be used to measure the time series of tension. Cadence = f(rate, pitch amplitude)