Kit Welchlin, M.A. Speech Communication, CSP, CVP certifies that this presenter demonstrated the tools, environment and skills to perform a quality remote presentation using live video.

eSpeakers certified on 15 May 2020 by tester JILLHEAPS

Tested Result
Meeting tool tested

The tool the speaker chose to use to perform the certification. This is not necessarily the only tool they are comfortable with, but it is probably the one they are most comfortable with.

Test location

Where the presenter was located during the certification.

Minneapolis MN - Home Office
No technical problems

Any connection, camera or microphone issues were resolved within the first 60 seconds of the call.

Video background

The background visible behind the speaker is free from distraction and appears professional.

Video composition

The presenter's face is the dominant feature on the screen, and is easily seen against the background.


Presenter's face is well-lit and easy to see.

Clear audio

It is easy to hear and understand the speaker.

Background noise

No distracting noises heard (dogs, construction sounds, keyboards, etc.)

Network break recovery

Presenter disconnected from session and was able to re-connect and resume presentation within 60 seconds.

Connection type

Whether the computer the presenter uses connects to the Internet with a wired or wireless connection.

Upload bandwidth (Mbps)

The speaker's tested bandwidth must be at least 1.5Mbs for reliable video streaming.

Network latency (ms)

The speaker's tested network latency must be less than 100ms for reliable video streaming.

Backup phone answered

The speaker is required to have a second means of communication besides the online meeting, and they quickly answered the call to the number they provided.

ANSWERED at xxx-xxx-8998


Visual aids

(self-reported, not tested) The presenter regularly uses images or pre-recorded videos along with their live image.

YES powerpoint ands slides
Improved mic

Used a lav, headset or other dedicated mic for superior audio vs. computer built-in microphone.

YES Yeti Nano
Tested daytime lighting

The speaker was certified with daytime lighting in their room.

Tested during night time

The speaker was certified at night, so their room was lit entirely with artificial light.

Uses Audience Q&A and Chat

(self-reported, untested) The presenter uses audience chat or Q&A in some presentations.

YES Chat
Uses Polls and Questions

(self-reported, untested) - The presenter uses audience interactive polls and questions during some presentations.

(not tested)
Uses Breakout Rooms

(self-reported, untested) - The presenter uses breakout rooms during some presentations.

Multi-camera shoot

The presenter uses more than one camera and switches between them.

Backup Internet access

(self-reported, untested) The presenter has a second, independent source of Internet access to use in case their primary connection goes down.

Hotspot Verizon
Virtual Certified Speaker badge
Virtual Proof Video
Video recorded during certification session, represents what the presenter can deliver remotely.
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