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Use the directory sitemap for search engine indexing

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If you'd like search engines to more quickly learn about your profile pages, you can do that with a webmaster tool called a sitemap. This is an industry standard way for you to submit a list of pages to a search engine saying, "Please check these out and add them to your search index."

A sitemap file is a file with a list of URLs in it, formatted in a special way. Your Marketplace directory generates a sitemap file listing every speaker's profile page, automatically keeping it in sync with the speakers you've subscribed to.

Note that your profile pages include the canonical tag in the head, referencing that profile on the main eSpeakers website so that search engines won't penalize you for syndicating content.

The sitemap feature is only useful for and only available to, organizations using a custom domain name for their directory.

What's the URL for my sitemap?

Your sitemap URL starts with your custom domain name.

If your custom domain name is: speakers.bureauco.com, then your sitemap URL is https://speakers.bureauco.com/balboa3/marketplace/sitemap

Substitute your own custom domain name into the URL above, and that's your sitemap address.

How do I use my sitemap file?

Different search engines consume sitemaps differently. Here are links for populate search engines: