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Receiving a SpeakerShare referral

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Someone you know has sent you speaker recommendations for your meeting via eSpeakers SpeakerShare. SpeakerShare is a unique platform that lets a sharer extend their access to the top speakers in the world to you. The result? A successful meeting with great results.

The service is entirely free to you, and there's no obligation.

The SpeakerShare email you received is your key to a safe and convenient way to hire a professional speaker for your meeting or event. Hire through the eSpeakers Marketplace to:

  • take advantage of the referrer's insider knowledge of speakers
  • use the unique feedback tool to gather opinions from your team about the candidate speakers
  • easily message and communicate with candidate speakers to determine your best choice
  • safely hire, contract and pay a speaker on the platform

The speakers shared with you through the eSpeakers Marketplace are the best presenters from around the world, and they're anxious to help you have a great event.

How does SpeakerShare work?

Sharee four step.pngSpeakerShare is a unique platform powered by the eSpeakers Marketplace. Thousands of the best speakers from around the world are available for your meeting, on a platform that makes it easy to communicate with, hire and pay them safely.

Someone you know has put together some recommended speakers for your meeting and sent you their suggestions via email.

Once you receive the email, click on any of the speakers to bring up a web page where you:

  • learn more about each presenter, including prices, videos, and reviews
  • use the team voting tool to gather opinions from your selection committee
  • check live speaker availability
  • message speakers you're interested in

There is no obligation (until you decide to contract a presenter) and never any cost to you.

How does the team voting tool make it easy to get consensus on speaker selection?

Speakers are usually selected with input from several stakeholders. The eSpeakers Marketplace has a unique free tool that helps you quickly identify your best candidate by gathering and organizing feedback from your team.

When you first follow the link in the referral email you received, you may see a ranking number or comments on some speakers. Those were added by the person who referred the speakers, to let you know how they feel about each candidate.

The ratings and comments you make on the speakers are private to your team and not shared with the speaker, the public, or with the person who referred the speakers to you.

Here's how to use the eSpeakers Team Voting tool:

Share the candidates with your team

  1. Click through the email you received to view the Speaker Recommendations page for your meeting. This page shows the list of recommended speakers for your event.
  2. Click the purple SHARE WITH OTHERS button in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Enter a list of up to 20 email addresses (hitting ENTER between each one)
  4. Add a short note included in the email your group receives, explaining what they're seeing. It's helpful to include a deadline by which you'd like the feedback.
  5. Click the SHARE button to complete.

Each person on your team (each email address you listed) will:

  • Receive an email with a link to a Speaker Recommendations page showing each of the candidates
  • Rate each speaker from 1-5
  • Add a comment on each speaker explaining their thoughts

Add your own ranking and notes to each candidate

Whether or not you include others in your decision, you can rate and comment on each presenter in the list. It's a helpful way to remember your thoughts on the presenters.

  1. Click the COMMENT link in the purple box near each presenter
  2. Click the POST TEAM COMMENT button on the dialog that appears
  3. Click the stars to rank the presenter from 1-5 and type a comment into the box labeled WHY?
  4. Click SAVE TEAM COMMENT to save.

Your comments can be frank. Remember, the ratings and comments you make on the speakers are private to your team and not shared with the speaker, the public, or with the person who referred the speakers to you.

Evaluate the results

Once there's a ranking or a comment on a speaker, the aggregate average rank appears as a big number in the purple ranking box next to that speaker.

The small colored boxes are a quick way for you to gauge the temperature of the group's response. Red boxes graduate through the color spectrum toward green to indicate a low to a high ranking by each. If four team members have voted on a speaker, you'll see four boxes. Hover over the boxes or click them to see more details.

How do I communicate with speakers?

If you don't already know which presenter you'd like to hire, we recommend asking questions of promising candidates to find out who will fit your needs best. In either case, the eSpeakers Marketplace lets you conveniently message the speakers on your referral.

To message speakers on your referral list:
  1. Pull up the SPEAKER RECOMMENDATIONS page by clicking the link in the referral email you received.
  2. Click the CHECK AVAILABILITY / INQUIRE button.
  3. Select one or more speakers that you'd like to message by turning on or off the checkbox next to their name.
  4. Click the NEXT STEP button.
  5. Update any information needed in the CONFIRM SESSION LOCATION section.
  6. Write a short message in the box labeled INVITATION MESSAGE FROM YOU. It's helpful if you describe the goals of your meeting.
  7. Confirm your email address and click the REQUEST button at the bottom of the form.

The speaker will receive your message and the information about the meeting or event that you've provided. Watch your email inbox for their reply.

How do I contract and pay the presenter I choose?

Contracting and paying your presenter online through the eSpeakers platform makes the transaction transparent, secure, and simple.

Read more about paying your presenter »

Who makes money in this ecosystem?

There's never any cost to you, the event organizer. So how does eSpeakers keep the lights on?

When you hire a presenter through the platform, the payment goes directly to the speaker, with a small percentage retained that's shared among entities that may include: eSpeakers, a publishing partner, and the person who created the SpeakerShare referral. The presenters are aware of the percentage that will be retained and find great value in bringing them quality jobs.

It's important that you always pay your presenter through the platform so that the ecosystem stays healthy and available to you for your speaker needs.

I know of other meetings that need speakers. Can I use SpeakerShare to help others?

If you know of an event organizer who needs a great speaker for a meeting or event, you can put the power of the eSpeakers Marketplace to work for them by registering as a Sharer and sending a referral.

If you know of the need but don't know any speakers to recommend, that's no problem. eSpeakers staff will add recommended speakers to your referral before it goes to the event organizer. You can also choose to post the need to the public job board where more than 10,000 speaking professionals can match themselves and apply.

To get started, register as a Sharer. When you register, you'll have a chance to link to your Stripe account (getting a free account first if you don't already have one). You'll receive your referral commissions via your Stripe account.

Commissions are 5% and paid once the referred event organizer hires and pays a presenter through the platform.

Register as a Sharer at eSpeakers.com »