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Rank higher in eSpeakers search results

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When event organizers -- your potential buyers -- are searching for speakers on a directory powered by eSpeakers, they typically select a topic, a fee range, and possibly other criteria like the location.

When the directory presents the buyer with a list of matching speakers, it has to choose which speakers to put at the top of the list and which are lower. It does this by assigning a score (called the eSEO score) to each speaker's profile and simply displaying the results in order with the highest score at the top.

Speakers who understand how the system scores and use that knowledge will move up in eSpeakers search results.

eSpeakers ranking algorithm (eSEO)

The eSEO ranking score is computed using the factors displayed in this chart.


eSpeakers SEO Chart: ESEO_Oct_2017.pdf

May change without notice. Other factors not listed may be used in computing the ranking score.

In the case of a tie, the speaker whose eSpeakers account was established first wins. Additional points are also awarded for speakers who are hired through marketplace, complete the job, and receive a positive review from the buyer.

Some eSpeakers-powered directories (generally associations) choose to display results in alphabetical order; in these cases the eSEO score is ignored.

Some of the items listed above require a PLUS level account. You can upgrade now to take advantage of every possible point.