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Mark your program as a CMP CE provider

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Organizations that cater to event organizers (like MPI) often hire speakers whose program will provide continuing education (CE) credit for the audience members. If you have content that can align with one of the Events Industry Council's (EIC) ten domains and would like to speak in front of groups of meeting planners, then keep reading.

More information about EIC, CMP, and domains at the bottom of this page.

Why would a speaker want to present a program that qualifies for CE hours?

Event organizers can filter by CMP domain

The groups that are interested in CMP Continuing Education are, by definition, meeting planners. Many presenters choose to speak for a reduced fee, or even free, for the chance to present to a room full of these potential clients -- it's like a private showcase.

By tagging your programs with the relevant EIC domain, you make yourself easier to find by buyers hiring for these kinds of meetings. Usually, the meeting planners interested in CE hours are MPI or PCMA leaders who want to provide CE opportunities for their members.

How do I get included in searches for CE programs?

Tag your program to get found in CMP CE searches

You can mark ("tag") your individual programs with a specific CMP domain, which indicates to event organizers that the program can provide CE hours in that domain.

See the last section on this page for more information about CMP domains.

Event organizers searching the MPI Speaker Resource for CE-relevant programs can filter their search to find the exact CMP-related topic they need a program for. If your programs are tagged correctly, you'll be included in those search results!

Indicate that your programs provide material relevant to CMP CE:

  1. Sign into eSpeakers to edit your profile.
  2. Click the PROGRAMS tab along the left.
  3. Use the ADD button to create a new program listing or use the EDIT control to update an existing one.
  4. In the program editing screen, find the TAGS section and click CMP DOMAIN. The list of domains will display to the right. Click the domain that this program aligns with.
    Although the software will allow you select more than one domain, it would be rare for a single program to legitimately address more than 1 (or maybe 2).
  5. Click the APPLY button to save your changes.
note: The chapter you speak for will need to submit a summary of your program to the EIC to gain approval for CE credit. This process isn't guaranteed for every program, and you may need to adjust your normal content to more closely align with the EIC's topic. Because the chapter leader will have to submit a summary of your content to the EIC, it's helpful to them if you have a short summary ready for them to copy into their application. Once you've had a program approved by the EIC, you can provide the same summary every time your program is submitted by a chapter leader.

Help me understand the Events Industry Council, CMP, CE, and domains

  • The Events Industry Council (EIC) is one of the leading organizations involved in the meetings industry.
  • The EIC issues the most recognized designation for professional meeting planners: Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). When an event organizer hands you a business card, it's very common to see "CMP" behind their name.
  • The CMP designation indicates the recipient has been trained in all ten of the EIC's knowledge areas, which they call "domains":
    • Strategic Planning
    • Project Management
    • Risk Management
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resources
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Meeting or Event Design
    • Site Management
    • Marketing
    • Professionalism
  • To earn (and to keep current) the CMP designation, each meeting planner must attend a certain number of hours of Continuing Education (CE). A meeting planner gets credit for CE when the presenter's program content is in alignment with one of the CIC subject areas (domains).

How do my programs get approved by the EIC for CE hours?

  • The EIC reviews educational activities participating in the CMP Preferred Provider Program. Those activities that align with one (or more) of the 10 domains in the CMP International Standards, will be eligible for CE credits for those who attend the session. Host organizations whose sessions have been pre-approved for CMP CE credits will indicate this approval on their marketing materials. The pre-approval applies to specific meetings and conferences. If the same session is presented at a different conference, the host organization must resubmit that session through their own Preferred Provider account.
  • For a presentation to provide CE hours, the presenter must carefully ensure that their program teaches something in alignment with one of the EIC domains.
    The EIC's International Standards document describes the domains.
  • For a presentation to provide accredited CE hours, ONE of the following must be true:
    • The organization hosting the event (ie, an MPI chapter, etc.) is a EIC Preferred Provider who will submit the list of attendees and the summary of the content you provided to the EIC.
    • For meetings not hosted by a EIC Preferred Provider, attendees individually submit a summary of the content provided and request CE credit from the EIC.
      It is helpful for attendees if the speaker provides the content summary for them to pass along when requesting CE credit for the presentation (saving them the effort of writing it).

NEXT STEP: Once you've finished these steps, you're ready to really crank up the sales potential of your profile by adding client recommendations, streaming video and audio, one-sheets, and more.