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How to add the Online Assistant to your website

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Adding the Online Assistant plugin to your website Pro.png Plus.png

This usually takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. You will add the embed code to your website.

Although this process isn't difficult, these instructions are mildly technical in nature and we recommend they be performed by a knowledgeable webmaster.

  1. Sign in your eSpeakers Marketing Dashboard.
  2. Choose PLUGINS & SIMPLESITE from the dashboard.
  3. Find ONLINE ASSISTANT and click the SETTINGS button.
  4. Verify the settings reflect your wishes, especially the email address to which inquiries will be sent:
    • Click the YOUR ASSISTANT tab and enter the email address in the field labeled "Email sent to your customers by your Online Assistant will appear to come from:". This is typically your info@ or sales@ address.
  5. After saving your settings you will be back on the list of plugins ... click the GET CODE button for the Online Assistant.
  6. Select and copy the HTML code shown in the window.
  7. Paste the code into the desired page(s) on your website.
  8. All done!

Why does the Online Assistant makes your customers feel special? Find out what the Online Assistant can do that your old inquiry form can't.

TIP: If you want to see how this looks to your customers, go to your new Online Assistant on your website. Enter a pretend event and follow that through the process.

TIP: The emails that are auto-generated can also be previewed either acting like the customer, or within the Online Assistant configuration EMAIL tab, by sending yourself a preview.