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How eSpeakers helps professional presenters

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Many talented presenters with great content fail and quit the business every year because they don't run their business like a business.

eSpeakers provides industry-proven tools and systems that help presenters at every stage of business grow and thrive in a long-term, sustainable way.

How does eSpeakers Help?

Event Lifecycle Management
eSpeakers provides tools that help professional speakers organize, promote, and grow.

Our specialized event lifecycle management system (EventCX) removes the busy-work of your office and lets you focus on what you do best: your next book, new content for the platform, etc.

Our directory marketing tools give you online exposure to new buyers when they see your profile and learn about your experience, topics, location, languages you speak, availability, and fees.

Smart Trends and other reports allow speakers to understand the industry and their own business in a way that allows them to adapt and grow intelligently.

Other eSpeakers tools that help you grow your business include SimpleSite, LiveSchedule, Book-Me-Now, SpeakerTRACK, Local Lead Pool, SpeakerShare and more.

What is the difference between eSpeakers and a CRM like Salesforce?

Customer relationship managers (CRMs) like Salesforce are built to manage people. eSpeakers' EventCX app is built to manage events. A successful speaking business needs both.

A well-executed engagement usually begins with a contact (in your CRM) which is nurtured until they are interested in a specific date. When a contact has a specific date to hold on your calendar, the process moves over to EventCX to ensure flawless execution. Throughout the process, EventCX and your compatible CRM work together to make life easy for you.

Already a member fo eSpeakers?

Get started with eSpeakers by learning how to build a compelling online profile, and manage your events with the highest level of efficiency.

Not a member of eSpeakers yet?

It's easy to get started. Go to our plans & pricing page to see the three different levels of service and what each has to offer. Scroll down through the feature chart to compare features and benefits of each level of service. Once you've selected the plan of choice, click the "Join Today" button and start the sign-up process.