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How do I pay my presenter through the Marketplace platform?

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The eSpeakers Marketplace platform makes it easy to research, select and hire great presenters for your meetings and events.

note: the eSpeakers Marketplace platform powers many speaker directories under a variety of brands; you may have been directed here by one of those partners.

When you hire a presenter through the eSpeakers Marketplace platform, your payment to the presenter is processed through the platform; you don't send a check or other payment directly to the speaker. Paying through the platform has several benefits:

  • security of a trusted third party administering the transaction
  • the presenter gets their money fast: direct deposited into their checking account
  • paying through the system is the only way to activate the eSpeakers Replacement Guarantee, and to leave a public review of your speaker.
  • the convenience of multiple ways to pay

Use of the eSpeakers Marketplace platform is governed by eSpeakers' terms and conditions.

How does payment work in Marketplace?

The eSpeakers platform handles the process of getting money from you to the Speaker. Because it is online and streamlined into the hiring process, paying your speaker is very easy and secure, and it relieves the Speaker of the administrative chore of invoicing and collecting.

Here's how it works:

  • Immediately after accepting a Speaker's OFFER, the Buyer (you) pays the DEPOSIT of 50% of the speaking fee via one of these payment methods:
    Mp buyer payment choices.jpg
    Mp buyer pay deposit.jpg
    • credit card
    • bank account
    • paper check through the mail
  • Once the payment has been received by eSpeakers, it is deposited into the Speaker's bank account.
  • On the Speaker's calendar, the event becomes confirmed only after DEPOSIT is received.
  • On the day the engagement starts, the platform automatically debits the Buyer for the BALANCE:
    • 50% balance owed on speaking fee
    • travel expenses, if any, per the contract
    • materials fee, if any, per the contract
  • The balance collected is deposited immediately into the Speaker's bank account.


If you choose to pay via paper check sent through the mail, the process remains exactly the same but takes longer.

The eSpeakers platform immediately emails you a printable invoice, against which the you print a check and mail it to eSpeakers Processing (the address is on the invoice). On receipt, eSpeakers deposits the check into the Speaker's account and the the rest of the process happens as it would with any of the other payment methods.

Mailing address:

attn: payment holding
55 Merchant St #1129
American Fork, UT 84003

You must print a copy of your invoice and include it in the envelope with your check, so that we can associate your payment with your event.


You can also pay for your speaker by wiring funds to eSpeakers. Contact support@espeakers.com for wiring information.


eSpeakers facilitates the transaction but responsibility for paying always rests on the Buyer.

What happens if a contract is canceled?

An offer that has been ACCEPTED is considered a binding contract. What happens when one side or the other backs out of that agreement depends on: which party is backing out (the Buyer or the Speaker), whether a deposit has already been paid, and how far away the event date is.

If the SPEAKER cancels a contract

  • Any money paid so far (ie, DEPOSIT) is returned to the Buyer

If the BUYER canceles a contract

  • Any money paid so far is retained by the Speaker (ie, DEPOSIT)
  • If the event date is less than 45 days away, the Buyer is responsible to complete payment for the BALANCE of the Engagement Fee. The Buyer is not responsible to pay any agreed-on TRAVEL or MATERIAL fees.
  • ...or if the Terms or Agreement executed as part of the accepted offer state otherwise, those terms apply instead.