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Add SpeakerTRACK Guestbook

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PRESENTER < Marketing boosts

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Generate more business by adding SpeakerTRACKs to your marketing efforts. The SpeakerTRACK guestbook helps you grow your business organically by allowing visitors to your website the ability to sign themselves up to find out when you'll be in their area. The service fees are included in your eSpeakers Plus or Pro account (upgrade).

How to: Add the SpeakerTRACK Guestbook to your own website using the site plug-in

  1. In the Marketing Dashboard section of eSpeakers, use the PLUGINS & SIMPLEST link.
  2. Click the EMBED CODE button in the SPEAKERTRACK GUESTBOOK section
  3. Highlight the generated HTML code (be sure to get it all!) and copy it using the right mouse button or the keyboard (CTL-C for Windows, CMD-C for Mac).
  4. The code is now in your clipboard, ready for pasting.
  5. In your web page editor, paste in the code where you want the plugin to appear.

See the SpeakerTRACK Guestbox plugin in action on the Zeke Ridges demo site