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TripIt Integration

PRESENTERS - TripIt Integration

TripIt support is built into the eSpeakers App, letting you use the powerful TripIt tool to bring your travel plans into your events instead of hand-entering them.

What is TripIt? TripIt is a free service that helps organize your air, hotel, rental car, travel plans, etc. To enter plans in TripIt, you simply forward the confirmation email from your reservations to plans@tripit.com. The service pulls the relevant details right out of the email and generates an itinerary for you.

You do not need TripIt PRO to use this feature; it works fine with the free version.

How do I activate the eSpeakers App TripIt Connector?

1. Get a free TripIt account from the TripIt website. eSpeakers is friends with TripIt, but we can't provide any sort of customer support for their product, so if you run into trouble with their service please contact them and not us.

2. After logging in to espeakers.com/myevents, use the Settings menu choice in upper corner. Then choose the CONNECT tab. In the menu choices in the left column choose TRIPIT. Follow the instructions to move through the steps that will link your eSpeakers account with your TripIt account. If you have already created the TripIt account, when you reach this question "An application wants to connect to your account," click the (Sign In) link in Step 1 (do NOT proceed to Step 2, which is used to create an account).

3. Quit and log back in to make the changes effective.

How do I get a specific trip from TripIt into an event in the eSpeakers App?

1. Use the drop-down control and select LOAD UPCOMING TRIPS. The eSpeakers App will retrieve upcoming trips from your TripIt account and add them to the drop-down list.

Load upcoming trips.png

2. Open the drop-down list again and select one of your TripIt trips.

Choose upcoming trip.png

3. All done! The travel plans have been copied to the eSpeakers App. From here you can change or add to the plans. Or, if you update the plans in TripIt you can use the GRAB button again to get a fresh copy.

Travel tab example.png