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Washington Speakers Bureau DirectConnect

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WSBDirectConnect, powered by eSpeakers.com
Washington Speakers Bureau, using directory technology from eSpeakers, operates WSBDirectConnect. WSBDirectConnect is a self-service website where event organizers can find world-class speakers at a range of price points below $15,000.

The WSBDirectConnect site includes a hand-curated list of speakers who have an eSpeakers profile and meet WSB's selection criteria. WSB's agents and marketing material send customers to the DirectConnect site to find and hire speakers.

Check out the site and if you'd like to join the speakers who are available to buyers there, see instructions below.

How can I get listed on WSBDirectConnect?

WSBDirectConnect announcement to event organizers

Washington Speakers Bureau is one of the most respected bureaus around, and they have specific guidelines for the speakers who appear on their directory; not every speaker is included automatically. You must qualify to be in the WSBDirectConnect selection pool from which Washington Speakers Bureau hand-selects speakers to be listed on the directory.

If your eSpeakers profile meets the criteria below, you’ll be automatically included as a candidate in the selection pool:

  • The publicity preference labeled "Marketplace :: Publish my profile" must be ON
  • Your price range includes or is below $15,000
  • At least one recent video on your profile. It must be within the past year and show you speaking in front of a live audience. Media clips alone are not sufficient. We recommend 3-5 short clips.
  • At least 4 client recommendations on your profile (12+ recommended)
  • Descriptive bio text on your profile
  • Quality profile photo

On a weekly basis, Washington Speakers Bureau reviews eligible speakers and makes hand-picked selections to add to the WSBDirectConnect directory. Meeting the qualifications above does not guarantee you’ll be picked up.

If your profile doesn’t include the details listed above right now, you can make the needed changes and be considered for this exclusive directory listing in next week's candidate pool.

WSB alone selects the speakers to appear in their directory. eSpeakers does not make choices or recommendations for them.

Do I need to upgrade my eSpeakers account?

eSpeakers PLUS and PRO accounts include every profile feature required by WSB (video, recommendations, bio, photo, price range). If you don't yet have an eSpeakers account, or if your eSpeakers account isn't at the PLUS or PRO level yet, WSB will cover 25% of your first year's PLUS membership to get you started and to help them grow their catalog. Here's how to take advantage of their offer:

  1. Sign in to eSpeakers
  2. Upgrade to a PLUS account
  3. Select an ANNUAL payment schedule (discount does not apply to monthly or quarterly billing)
  4. In the PROMOTIONAL CODE field, enter WSBPLUS
  5. Complete the payment process to activate

This is a limited time offer and may not still be available. Available to customers who have never had a PLUS or PRO account. Qualifying for inclusion does not guarantee you'll be added; the list is curated by hand from eligible speakers.

Is there a cost to be listed with WSBDirectConnect?

Other than the cost of your eSpeakers membership, there are no charges to speakers to be listed on the WSBDirectConnect site and available to WSB customers.

As with other Marketplace-powered directories, if you receive a job through the site you will see the applicable finder's fee (varies) that you will be invoiced for once you complete the engagement. You will know what the finders is at the time you decide whether to accept the job or not, so you're always in control.