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Tips for Writing a Great Bio

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Presentation is everything. Most of us have heard the phrase “Content is King.” Well, it’s true! Prospective clients often make a decision about you simply by reading your bio and topics. Based on the written word alone, they may make this decision before picking up the phone or watching your video. What does your eSpeakers profile say to your prospective customers? Does it say “King,” or is it a less-than-desirable description of what you can actually offer?

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • No introduction or background on you as a presenter
  • Big blocks of text
  • No bold or italicized wording
  • No bullet points outlining your most requested topics or offered programs
  • No testimonials
  • No engaging text. Without compelling content, readers will fall asleep! Many presenters struggle to write a bio that’s engaging, effective, and even grammatically correct.

Too much information:

  • How you’re an expert on this and this and this and this and this…
  • Your position as a student body officer in junior high and high school
  • Anecdotes irrelevant to your expertise

Your bio is the first place a meeting planner will look for information about you. This is where you have a chance to let potential customers know why they should hire you. To maximize the effectiveness of your bio, we suggest the following:

  • Your bio should be several paragraphs long and take two or three minutes to read through completely. Don’t overdo it—three full pages of text could easily discourage readers from reading it.
  • Use a “hook” in the opening paragraph to pull readers in and keep them reading. The hook is different for each person; it may be something extraordinary you’ve accomplished or experienced, or it may be the benefits your audience will receive.
  • What's your "hook?" Your "hook" is what makes you unique.

- Have you done something extraordinary? Example: "I climbed Mount Everest seven times by the age of 20," or "CEO of 9 fortune 500 companies," etc.

- If something unusual or extraordinary is not part of your pitch, talk about the benefits the audience will receive. Example: “Your audiences will be more willing to embrace change as a manager after hearing Alan’s 5 step process,” or “After Steve shares the remarkable sales process from his bestselling book, your sales team will immediately start producing more and better sales.”

  • After the initial paragraphs, talk about your qualifications: books written or articles published; most requested presentation topics; share a testimonial from a powerful client, etc. Meeting planners have their audiences in mind so let them know how the audience will be improved after hearing from you.

Add some simple formatting options like bold text and bullet points. Use these sparingly, but use them. Don’t lump your captivating words into one big (ugly) block of text. Use paragraphs to keep ideas separated. Use bulleted lists for your speech titles and impressive client names.

Don’t Want to Write Your Own?

eSpeakers can help you become “the King” (or Queen!) of your own content with our new editing and writing services. We now have a copyeditor and copywriter on staff—professionals who know the speaking industry and understand how to make you shine! Our copy experts can spot even the most obscure errors and transform merely passable text into dynamite content that will sell you!

Our copyeditor will proofread your content to ensure:

· Correct spelling

· Capitalization

· Word usage

· Punctuation

· Elimination of grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies

· Awkward sentences are restructured

· Organization and flow of information is consistent so your biography is engaging and effective

Our copyeditor’s job is to find trouble and make suggestions—the decision to apply these suggestions is yours.

Copywriting Overview

You need content that makes you stand out in a crowd. You need an effective, easy-to-read bio that tells the world you’re the person they should hire. We deal with thousands of presenters, speaker’s bureaus, meeting planners, and media outlets each year. We know this market; we know exactly what each entity wants. Our copywriter will write a professional bio in the right style and format to demonstrate your professional credibility.

The best bios are memorable because they highlight the differences between you and your competitors. Ideally, after reading your professionally written bio, clients will be compelled to book you.


Profile Biography (main bio and one-line bio)

  • Copyediting $125 (proof and repair your existing text)
  • Copywriting $225 (create new text or make major revisions to existing text)

Hourly Copyediting or Copywriting (testimonials, OneSheets, website)

  • $65 an hour

If you’d like to have our copy professionals edit or rewrite your bio, please send an email to copyservices@espeakers.com.

Satisfaction Guarantee

eSpeakers offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee on all editing and writing services.

Do you make the grade?

If you want to find out how strong your current biography is, let our experts review your bio text and provide you with a score between 1 and 5. (A score of “1” indicates a biography requires extensive editing; a score of “5” implies a perfect or near-perfect bio.) This score takes into account correct grammar, punctuation, layout, content, and overall effectiveness of your biography. Having your bio scored is complimentary, and we encourage you to take advantage of this new service. Email your biography to bioscore@espeakers.com with an attachment in Word format and get your bio score!

Let’s face it, writing your own biography can be daunting. Who hasn’t felt strange trying to write a glowing review of him/herself?