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Local Lead Pool

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Use the eSpeakers Local Lead Pool to receive a list of premium leads—people who hire speakers—for each of your engagements. Turn every event into a sales opportunity when you leverage hundreds of names, phone numbers, and addresses for potential local buyers.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • The Local Lead Service makes a large database of potential customers available to speakers for marketing purposes.
  • There are over 80,000 leads in the Local Lead Pool. These come from a variety of sources.
  • The leads are all geo-coded to make it easy for speakers to contact leads near the areas they'll be traveling to, as known by the speaker's calendar in eSpeakers. The Local Lead Pool report shows contacts within a 1-hour radius of the address on the event.
  • The contact data includes full name, organization, position, phone number and mailing address. It specifically does not include email addresses for most types of contacts as we've found that to be an ineffective way to market.
  • The contacts provided are for your personal use and may not be sold or shared, nor used for any purpose other than personal contacting about your professional services.

How does the Local Lead Pool work?

Every time you confirm an event (with City, State, Zip venue details) on your eSpeakers calendar, the Local Lead system notices and starts working to find relevant contacts within about an hour’s drive of your engagement. For every CONFIRMED event in the future, the system automatically builds and emails you a comprehensive list of possible leads you can pursue while at the event, or to make phone calls beforehand to arrange an appointment.

In addition to the automated email, you can pull up the Local Lead Pool report for any event on your eSpeakers calendar:

  1. Sign in to your eSpeakers calendar.
  2. Create a new event if you need to.
  3. Choose REPORTS from the menu at the top.
    Myevents menu reports.png
  4. Select LOCAL LEAD POOL from the reports menu.
    Report menu llp.png
  5. Select the event you'd like the leads for and click VIEW.
    Report llp settings.png

What kind of contacts are in the Local Lead Pool?

  1. Meeting planners at top corporations and area associations
    “I’m going to be in town and want to invite you to watch me speak so you’ll know if I’m a good fit for your company.”
  2. Your own customer list
    “While I’m already in your area, I’d like to follow-up on the work I did for you last year.”
  3. Speakers Bureaus
    “I’d like to invite you to watch me speak; I think you’ll be impressed.”
  4. Chambers of Commerce
    “If you’re having a meeting while I’m in town, I’d like to offer a free 20 minute condensed version of my amazing material.”
  5. People who have signed up for your SpeakerTRACK notices
    “If your organization would like to have me speak/consult/train while I’m already in your area, I can waive the normal travel fee and save you a lot of money.”
  6. Members of the media (TV/radio/print/web) who might want to interview you
    “While I’m in town, I’d be happy to guest on your show or give you an in-person interview.”

Anyone with an eSpeakers account can use the Local Lead Pool. However, only those with an eSpeakers PRO level account have full access to the whole contact database. If you want full access, upgrade for only $74.95/mo!

What are effective ways to raise revenue using the Local Lead Pool?

Each contact includes full name, organization, title, phone number, and address. Methods that have proved effective for eSpeakers customers include phoning and mailing postcards. You're free to turn your marketing creativity loose!

If you choose to use phone calls, you can have your own staff do the phone calling.

Please note that the contacts provided by this service are for your personal use and may not be sold or shared, nor used for any purpose other than personal contacting about your professional services.