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How do I pay the balance owed the speaker?


The eSpeakers Marketplace platform makes it easy to research, select and hire great presenters for your meetings and events.

note: the eSpeakers Marketplace platform powers many speaker directories under a variety of brands; you may have been directed here by one of those partners.

When you hire a presenter through the eSpeakers Marketplace platform, your payment to the presenter is processed through the platform; you never send a check or other payment directly to the speaker. The eSpeakers platform handles the process of getting money from you to the Speaker. Because it is online and streamlined into the hiring process, paying your speaker is very easy and secure, and it relieves the Speaker of the administrative chore of invoicing and collecting.

Use of the eSpeakers Marketplace platform is governed by eSpeakers' terms and conditions.

The balance is collected automatically on the day of the event

The balance owed the speaker -- including the remainder of their speaking and other agree-on fees (travel, materials) -- is collected automatically by the eSpeakers system on the day of the event. The balance is charged to your current payment method, which will be what you used to pay the deposit, unless you changed it.

If the platform is able to charge your card or bank account successfully on the day of the event, then you don't need to do a thing. The money is collected and deposited into the speaker's account.

If the platform is not able to charge your card or bank account, you should update your payment method (see below).

How do I pay the balance with a different method that paid the deposit with?

Mp buyer add payment method.png
If you need to change your card or bank account after paying the deposit, use the PAYMENT SETTINGS screen to update your credit card or bank account:
  • Log in to eSpeakers Marketplace (or the branded site where you signed up)
  • Choose the MY ACCOUNT menu from the menu bar, top-right
  • Choose PAYMENT SETTINGS from the list at left
  • Update your payment method
    • To add a new credit card, choose CONNECT CREDIT CARD and fill out the form
    • To add a new bank account, choose CONNECT BANK ACCOUNT and fill out the form

Wait 24 hours -- the Marketplace system attempts charges once per day, so the next sweep will attempt to collect your balance from your new payment method.