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Directory Marketing through eSpeakers


Directory marketing is a powerful way to gain exposure to the growing number of event organizers and meeting planners (buyers) who prefer to research and hire speakers online.

Directory Marketing is one of the three main ways that new clients discover you:

  • Direct business (buyer already knows your name and contacts you directly)
  • Speakers Bureaus
  • Online Directories (directory marketing)

Directory Marketing through eSpeakers


Your eSpeakers profile can put you in front of event organizer eyes, right when they're researching their next presenter. Exposure leads, indirectly, to bookings.


Some online speaker directories offer buyers a chance to book their presenter through the platform, in addition to providing a great research tool.

Powered by eSpeakers

eSpeakers markets a speaker directory to meeting planners and event organizers ("The eSpeakers Marketplace"). eSpeakers also licenses the Marketplace Platform to other organizations, who use it to put a speaker directory on their own website under their own brand.

eSpeakers powers many of the most popular speaker directories on the web, including: