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Connect HubSpot to your eSpeakers account


eSpeakers and HubSpot offer a seamless cross-platform experience that enables the two systems to work closely together so that your contacts (HubSpot) and your engagements (EventCX) connect and flow naturally. Together, the two technologies provide an integrated suite of tools that will help speakers book more engagements and manage their events more efficiently.

When these two platforms are combined, eSpeakers EventCX users reap the benefits of an easy-to-use relationship management platform, such as email automation, business card capture, and CRM sales tools. Hubspot customers will enjoy the added functionality of eSpeakers’ customized calendar tool, real-time availability tracker and Book Me Now website plugin, and other advanced event management tools.

To get started, you need an eSpeakers PRO level account and a HubSpot account.

Connect your HubSpot account to your eSpeakers account

Connecting your eSpeakers and HubSpot accounts together takes about 60 seconds following the steps below:

  1. Log in to EventCX.
  2. From the account menu (your USERNAME upper right) choose SETTINGS.
    EventCX account menu
  3. In ACCOUNT SETTINGS, choose the CONNECT tab across the top, then the HUBSPOT tab along the left.
    Connect to Hubspot
  4. On the HubSpot connector screen, click the button labeled CONNECT TO YOUR HUBSPOT ACCOUNT.
    Connect to HubSpot
    You'll be taken to the HubSpot web site, and asked to sign into HubSpot if your browser isn't already logged in.
    HubSpot will ask if it's OK for eSpeakers to access your HubSpot data. Click GRANT ACCESS.
    Grant permission to HubSpot
  5. You'll be taken about to EventCX, and the screen shows you're connected.
    Hubspot Connected

You're done! EventCX and HubSpot are connected.

Link contacts from HubSpot to events in EventCX

The connection between your contact manager and your event manager happens when you link a HubSpot contact to an EventCX event by "grabbing" it.

  1. In EventCX, choose an event and select the CONTACTS tab.
  2. From the dropdown list next to the GRAB button, choose FROM HUBSPOT. Then click the GRAB button.
    grab from HubSpot
  3. Enter part or all of the name of the contact you want to be added to this event, then click the search button (MAGNIFYING GLASS).
  4. Choose the name you want from the list of the results and click the GRAB button.
    select grabbed contact
    Presto! You now have a copy of that HubSpot CRM contact linked to the event.

Note that grabbed contacts are copies; you can make changes to their record on the EventCX event and it will not affect the original contact in Hubspot. Likewise, changes you make in Hubspot will not change copies of those contacts previously added to an event.

To make changes to the contact in Hubspot (which is what you usually want to do), click OPEN IN CRM and make your changes there, rather than editing the copy on your EventCX event.

open in CRM

Where EventCX and HubSpot share information

EventCX and HubSpot share data in useful ways that let them work together seamlessly to work with your events (EventCX) and your contacts (HubSpot).

  • For contacts that were "grabbed" from HubSpot onto an event in EventCX, clicking OPEN IN CRM by the contact will take you right to that contact's record in HubSpot.
    open a contact in HubSpot
  • Note sharing
    Any contact notes you've entered in HubSpot will appear in the event notes of any events the contact is linked to, listed right along with the event's own notes in date order.
    contact notes are displayed with event notes
  • When viewing a contact in HubSpot, any events that contact is linked to appear in the ESPEAKERS GIGS card displayed on the right. A click on a gig will take you right to it in EventCX.
    HubSpot shows contact's events as "gigs"
    If you don't see the ESPEAKERS GIGS card on the right side of your HubSpot contact, look lower down through the list of cards and drag it to the top.
    This card shows 5 most recently created events that are linked to the contact.