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Book Me Now button

PRESENTER < Marketing boosts

Show website visitors that you are an experienced speaker. Add a "Book Me Now" button to each page on your site to give your visitors a great way to hire you, and increase your search result rankings on the eSpeakers Marketplace at the same time.

Bmn button2.png
Routing your own customers through the Book Me Now process on the eSpeakers Marketplace is a great way to raise your ranking and credibility in Marketplace's search results. Every job completed through Marketplace raises your ranking in the search results, no matter how the customer arrived. When a customer uses your Book Me Now button and completes the booking process through the Marketplace system (free to you and to them), they are able to leave a review that gets top priority.

When an event organizer uses the Book Me Now button from your own web site, the standard Marketplace finder's fee does not apply -- there is no cost to you.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • The Book Me Now service is included in your eSpeakers PLUS or PRO account (upgrade).
  • No finder's fee is applied when a client books you through the Book Me Now button on your own website. It's free to you and to them.
  • You can use the Book Me Now button in as many places as you'd like. We recommend one on every page, to remind visitors what your purpose is.
  • Your Book Me Now link can be used with the included graphic, or applied to your own graphic, text, or menu item.
  • If your eSpeakers calendar is up-to-date, the visitor will see a live availability check for the date they choose. Your schedule is not displayed, just the status for the specific date they choose.
  • When an event organizer uses your Book Me Now link, the page they are taken to has no pathways to any other speakers; they can only access you.
  • Works great with Wordpress -- it's a standard URL link
  • This will eventually replace the Online Assistant (once we build the pre-event questionnaire into it)

Add the Book Me Now button to your website

  1. Sign in to the eSpeakers Marketing tools at https://secure.espeakers.com/myprofile
    log in at http://espeakers.com and choose PROFILE AND MARKETING from the main menu.
  2. From the Marketing Dashboard screen, choose PLUGINS & SIMPLESITE
    Bmn dashboard.png
  3. Find the BOOK ME NOW item and click GET THE CODE
    Bmn getcode.png
  4. In the dialog that appears, select all of the HTML code and press CTL-C on the keyboard (CMD-C for Macs). The code is now in your computer clipboard, ready to paste into an email, etc.
    Bmn code.png
  5. Give that HTML code to your webmaster to paste into a page (or pages) on your site. It should take them less than 15 minutes to complete.
    Bmn onthesite.png
    Your webmaster can use the included button, or extract the link from the code and use it on any graphic, text, or menu item on your site.
    Bmn onthesite custom.png

What happens when an event organizer uses my Book Me Now link?

  1. The visitor is taken to a form where they fill out basic event information, as well as their contact information. The page they land on also has a link to your full profile on Marketplace, where they might view your video, reviews, etc.
    Bmn buyerview.png
  2. When the visitor chooses a date, a live availability check is performed against your eSpeakers calendar. This makes the form very useful to the potential buyer.
    Bmn datecheck.png Bmn datecheck2.png
    Customer names are NEVER displayed; only the location and time. When you add an event to your calendar and mark it CONFIRMED and PERSONAL, it is displayed simply as "unavailable", with no location or time listed.
  3. Once the potential buyer has completed the form, two things happen:
    • You and your staff are notified immediately via email
    • The event goes onto your eSpeakers calendar as a lead, complete with all the detail and contact information collected

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See the Book Me Now plugin in action on the Zeke Ridges demo site