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Maxwell Leadership partnered with eSpeakers to provide its members with access to all the business management & marketing tools used by today’s most sought-after speakers!

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Get Ready to Have Access to the Business
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Today’s Most Sought-after Speakers!

Do you want to…

  • Be connected to more audiences that want to hear your message?
  • Make more money by increasing traffic and boosting conversion ratios?
  • Take the headache out of running your business?
  • Ensure your speaking business will provide long-term and sustainable results?
  • Drive more leads by giving buyers real-time access to your availability?

Look No Further

Welcome to the Leader in Speaker Business Management & Online Exposure. With over 21 years in the business and 19K speakers in our community, our innovative platform is the preferred choice for top speakers. To get you started, we have compiled the top four success strategies of our most booked speakers.

Isn’t It Time YOU Joined the Thousands of Speakers Who Run Their Business on eSpeakers?

Top Four Success Strategies of
Our Most Booked Speakers and Coaches

Optimized Online Exposure

They regularly post to their eSpeakers profile with live updates to multiple sites and directories. Whether they are a Coach or a Speaker (or both) they can get found with the Maxwell Leadership directory.

Automated Business

They use our speaker­ designed calendar, EventCX, and event management tools every day. Coaches can treat a coaching session as an event and automate the pre and post-action items.

Memorable Customer Experience

They are dedicated to a consistently high level of professionalism throughout the entire transaction and use our triggered actions lists, confirmation emails, contract templates, and automated thank you letters

Increased Bookings

They take advantage of our “Lead Center” Tool to Book Additional Work in surrounding areas and “SpeakerTrack” Lead Generation System. They work smarter with these “done-for-you” resources that add more closed business to their bank account.

Top Companies that Love Hiring
Speakers and Coaches through eSpeakers

Indiana University, Bank of America, cvent
Dunkin' Donuts, GoodYear, University of Washington
Hyatt, Verizon, Motorola
KraftHeinz, UnderArmour, American Family Insurance

Access The Only Online Business Growth Platform
Designed For Speakers

Your eSpeakers account includes all the tools you need to manage
your event lifecycle for consistent growth, including…


Make it easy for potential buyers to find out what you can do for them.

Meeting planner database | eSpeakers


  • Innovative tool that can help double the business on every trip!
  • Access contact information for 8,000+ premium leads within a 1 ­hour radius of each confirmed event.


Get published worldwide

  • Live updates to up to 80 directories, industry sites and bureaus
  • Compelling profile with video, recommendations marketing files, optional calendar and social media integration
  • Profile Consultations (with eSpeakers expert staff)
  • Featured profile: featured once a year on eSpeakers social media and Marketplace
eSpeakers profile | eSpeakers
eSpeakers Marketplace | eSpeakers


An exclusive high­end job list that allows for direct contact to buyers


  • Increase brand awareness with automated email marketing that is synced to your travel/event schedule
  • Clients receive notifications when you are in town
SpeakerTrack email marketing | eSpeakers


EventCX: Our cloud­based, multi­user, friendly calendar suite built especially for speakers includes desktop, phone and tablet versions. eSpeakers members have seen such an improvement in the customer experience (“CX”) they can provide their clients that it only made sense to add it to our product name.

Calendar schedule | eSpeakers


  • Customized Calendar Tool: easily set lead, hold, confirmed status
  • Real­time Availability: make it easy for your customers to access you
  • Event management: track active engagements and potential opportunities


  • Speaker Dashboard: access critical business highlights at a glance: Booking Statistics daily calendar changes, and event pipeline
  • Contract Generator: create, modify and manage contracts, thank­you letters invoices, program agreements and more
Dashboard | eSpeakers
Action lists | eSpeakers


  • Customized Action Lists: Stay on top of event details and tasks, travel info, and more; create a list once and it will intelligently apply your tasks to every new event
  • Book Me Now: secure more gigs with live online bookings and website plug­in
  • Business Intelligence Reports: secure more gigs with live online bookings and website plug­in


Stay ahead of the curve with insider access to buyer stats, speaker trends, and your personal analytics.


Advanced buyer statistics

  • What topics are being searched the most
  • What price ranges are being searched
  • Average time between confirmation and event date Annual cycle of booking velocity
  • Most booked cities
Hiring trends | eSpeakers
My trends | eSpeakers


Personal statistics/analytics

  • Views in last 30 days
  • Your rank in the directory per topic
  • Your fee range compared to average


Education exclusively available through eSpeakers

  • Interactive Webinars by industry experts and visionaries
  • Training Library: access to recordings to help you advance your career
Education trends | eSpeakers

Isn’t It Time YOU Joined the Thousands of Speakers Who Run Their Business on eSpeakers?

Don’t miss out on this special membership package for the John Maxwell Team.

Reap the rewards of increased exposure, productivity, and income.

Frequently Asked Questions

eSpeakers offers two types of accounts for Maxwell Leadership members:

  • BASIC: great for speakers getting started with directory marketing
  • PRO: includes all of the promotion opportunities we offer, and fully unlocks our EventCX event lifecycle management system, which we recommend for speakers doing 25 engagements per year or more.

This chart gives more detail of the difference between the packages.

eSpeakers provides tools that help professional speakers organize, promote, and grow.

Our specialized event lifecycle management system (EventCX) removes the busy-work of your office and lets you focus on what you do best: your next book, new content for the platform, etc.

Our directory marketing tools give new buyers exposure to you when they see your profile and learn about your experience, topics, location, languages you speak, availability, and fees.

Other eSpeakers tools that help you grow your business include SimpleSite, LiveSchedule, Book-Me-Now, SpeakerTRACK, Local Lead Pool, and more.

Directory marketing is the third way that buyers find and hire speakers, joining “direct” (where the buyer already knows of the speaker and contacts them directly) and “bureau” (the buyer brokers a deal with a speakers bureau who acts as middleman).

Buyers — who are used to booking airline tickets online and shopping for clothes online — are turning online to research and hire speakers. And increasingly that online search takes them to a directory of speakers, which gives buyers access to speakers in a much more convenient format than simply using search engines to check one speaker’s site at a time.

eSpeakers is the leader in directory marketing for speakers. With a single eSpeakers profile, you may be published in many directories. Many of our speaker customers are getting exposure in more than 50+ of the directories we publish.

eSpeakers publishes our own eSpeakers Marketplace and also powers the directories of many national speakers associations, speakers bureaus, and other directories where event organizers gather (MPI, Smart Meetings, etc).

Use the eSpeakers SEO chart (eSEO) to see what meeting planners find valuable and to max your score.

Like generic search engines, speaker directories need a way to decide who is listed first when a buyer does a search.

eSpeakers uses a point system to rank speakers in the search results of our directories. The points mimic the habits of buyers by rewarding the quality of the content speakers have on their profiles. The more robust your profile is, the more points your profile scores, and the higher you rank in the search results.

Use the eSpeakers SEO chart (eSEO) to see what meeting planners find valuable and to max your score.

Some of the sites where your eSpeakers profile is published allow event organizers to post their need for a presenter as a public job. It is a call for speakers for a specific event.

eSpeakers members at the PRO level can see a list of the posted jobs and apply to them. Learn more about how the lead board works.

The job board is not the main value of your eSpeakers account. Successful speakers value the exposure (measured in views) that their profile gives them, and use eSpeakers tools like SpeakerTRACK and the Local Lead Pool to promote and grow.

Just joined eSpeakers and wondering where to dive in?

See how to create your eSpeakers Marketplace Profile (for marketing) and how to use the eSpeakers Event Management App (to manage your business).