In our modern world, there is a strong need to educate people on the advances that are occurring in technology and science. If you want to maintain relevancy in your industry, then it is essential that you help members of your business or organization gain additional education about the advances in technology. A technology & science speaker is the perfect solution to bring educational experience to your workplace or event.

There are many technology resources that are available to improve systems and make a business more effective for customers. Your organization needs to make sure that you are staying ahead of these changes in the industry, in order to stay relevant and keep an edge above your competitors. If you are falling behind in the technology that is available, then you are missing out on potential business opportunities.
By hiring a technology and science speaker, you can have the right information presented to help your team members stay informed about the current trends and changes that are occurring. The speaker will offer details about resources that are available, and help audience members to see the influence of these technological advances within the industry.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a technology & science speaker is that the person will be able to relate their own first-hand experience in the lessons they are teaching during the presentation. These educational experiences can motivate people to develop a stronger sense of teamwork, leadership, and perseverance in the workplace and in their individual goals outside of work.

Agriculture (82 experts)

Agriculture speakers educate audiences on the latest trends pertaining to horticulture, land development, and farming. They help audiences realize we're all stewards to the land.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) (25 experts)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Computers (88 experts)

Speakers who present about computers are tech-savvy and professional speakers, so you have the best of both worlds. They are captivating, powerful, entertaining speakers who also possess the technolo ...(read more)

Conservation (50 experts)

Conservation speakers give their insights on how to conserve, protect, and restore natural resources.

Cyber Security (75 experts)

Cyber Security speakers share strategies and practices to increase protection, lessen theft or damage to the hardware, software or the information on them, in your business, organization or your home.

Digital Marketing (119 experts)

These speakers share Digital Marketing strategies to increase your company's digital footprint, marketability, online effectiveness, and more.

Disruptive Technology (89 experts)

Speakers on Disruptive Technology discuss the disruption and influence of, and resources available through technology for your organization or business.

Energy/Alternative Energy (78 experts)

Energy/alternative energy speakers help your company utilize the natural sources available like wind, the sun, tides, or waves.

Environmental Policy (101 experts)

Environmental policy speakers instruct your organization on problems arising from human impact on the environment. They also show the environmental impact on human values such as good health or the 'c ...(read more)

Healthcare (637 experts)

Healthcare speakers share a variety of insights about healthcare by connecting it to the economy, healthy lifestyles, management and more.

Innovation (790 experts)

Innovation speakers share ways to develop new profitable value based on consumer wants and needs. These speakers will empower your audience to create better and more novel products.

Internet (122 experts)

Internet speakers share ways the internet can increase productivity and visibility for your organization or business while also sharing strategies for secure and safe interactions through this global ...(read more)

Learning (9 experts)

Experts in Learning share process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals, and some machi ...(read more)

Pets/Animals (22 experts)

Pets/animals speakers connect profound lessons learned from animals to audiences. They also connect nature and the Earth to their audiences.

Science/Engineering (135 experts)

Science/engineering speakers relate their first-hand experience in these fields to your audience. They teach the value of leadership, teamwork, and perseverance.

Space Exploration (4 experts)

Space Exploration speakers are experienced professionals who correlate space exploration to life and business. They also teach skills for achievement and exploration.

STEM (7 experts)

Delve into the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math as our STEM Speakers uncover new possibilities. By sharing tales of invention, experimentation and achievement, they inspire the nex ...(read more)

Sustainability: Environment (178 experts)

Sustainability: environment speakers educate audiences on how to maintain the environment and contribute to conservation efforts.

Trends (78 experts)

Speakers who discuss Trends research history and anticipate the future. They help audiences appreciate the past while looking forward to a positive future.

Hire a TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE speaker Sarah Beth Aubrey, M.S. Strategic Communication, Purdue Uni
Sarah Beth Aubrey, M.S. Strategic Communication, Purdue Uni

Technology & Science speaker