If you are planning a workshop or event focusing on current events or things that are happening in the media, then you are probably searching for the right media and current event speaker to help. These speakers can discuss many different political, economic, and news-worthy stories that are occurring in the United States and around the world.

By informing audience members about the ways that media can be utilized, individuals can open their minds about the possibilities that are available. Media speakers can include network producers or anchors, analysts, media personalities, reporters, and more. These people are actively involved in the media industry, and they have a feel for the behind-the-scenes things that are influencing the media and reporting.

Media & current event speakers can shed light on changes that are occurring in all aspects of the media industry, including digital marketing, broadcast journalism, and print such as newspapers and magazines. There are ongoing changes as the media industry makes adjustments to keep up with the changing demands of consumers, and it is essential that you keep your employees and organization informed about these changes that are happening.

By finding an experienced speaker in the media and current events industry, you can bring in a credentialed presenter who can offer unique insights on media aspects that influence your business. Audience members will walk away with new ideas to support company goals, helping your organization to stay ahead of the changes that are occurring in the media.

American Legends (51 experts)

American Legends draw upon the past and look to the future to inspire your audiences to reach new levels of creativity and innovation. Your audience will be entertained, enlightened, and educated.

Broadcasting (92 experts)

Broadcasting speakers share their skills for public speaking and how to get a story across in a precise, yet dynamic, way.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) (8 experts)

COVID-19 (coronavirus) speakers share solutions, experiences, and the most up-to-date information about the impact of coronavirus on the world we live in.

Crisis Management (54 experts)

Crisis Management speakers help others with crisis preparedness and dealing with high-risk situations.

Cross-Cultural Awareness (3 experts)

Cross-cultural awareness speakers share how understanding, respecting and successfully interacting with those whose world views, values, behaviors, communication styles, customs and practices are diff ...(read more)

Current Events (176 experts)

Current events speakers engage your audience in what is going on today and how this can affect your organization in the future.

Cyber Security (75 experts)

Cyber Security speakers share strategies and practices to increase protection, lessen theft or damage to the hardware, software or the information on them, in your business, organization or your home.

Disaster/Emergency (5 experts)

Disaster/Emergency speakers share their expertise in the face of tragedy, crime, surprise attacks, hurricanes, tornadoes, and trauma. Disaster/Emergency speakers present innovative solutions to those ...(read more)

Film (1 experts)

Speakers on Film play a major role in film as a powerful medium within our culture.

Government & Politics (267 experts)

Government & politics speakers discuss how audiences can stay informed about and involved in the government and politics of their nation. They also discuss ways to communicate effectively and understa ...(read more)

Green/Environment (189 experts)

Green/environment speakers focus on how organizations can have a positive impact in preserving the environment.

Healthcare (637 experts)

Healthcare speakers share a variety of insights about healthcare by connecting it to the economy, healthy lifestyles, management and more.

Inclusion (191 experts)

Inclusion speakers share strategies for identifying shared values and goals to your audience and fostering an inclusive culture.

Life Balance (801 experts)

Life balance speakers share ways to balance busy schedules and lifestyles. Through their experiences, they show the importance of values and proportionality in life.

Media (444 experts)

Media speakers discuss the role of media in society and show how to utilize the media to benefit you and your company or organization.

Military (173 experts)

Military speakers discuss meaningful lessons from their military service and ways that we can better understand our military and our country.

Nonprofit (166 experts)

Nonprofit speakers share their best practices, strategies for success, and real-life experiences concerning nonprofit organizations.

Philanthropy (94 experts)

Philanthropy speakers share strategies and practices for helping others through businesses and government programs. They also focus on how individuals can contribute charitably to others.

Political (252 experts)

Political speakers discuss politics in governments, economies, the media, and more. Your audience will gain a greater understanding of politics and their influence.

Safety/Security (239 experts)

Safety/security speakers share strategies and practices to increase safety and security in both your business or organization and your home.

Sports/Athletics (856 experts)

Sports/athletics speakers share their real-life experiences to motivate and educate audiences about important lessons learned in sports.

Sustainability: Environment (178 experts)

Sustainability: environment speakers educate audiences on how to maintain the environment and contribute to conservation efforts.

Sustainability: Organizational (87 experts)

Sustainability: organizational speakers share strategies for businesses to remain profitable and contribute to conservation efforts.

Unconscious Bias (90 experts)

Unconscious bias speakers talk about its effects in this day and age on the workplace and in our daily lives. Unconscious biases affect all of us, and can have an impact on the way we view and treat o ...(read more)

Women in Business (1,019 experts)

Women in business speakers share real-life experiences and empower women to perform well in the workplace.

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