Hiring a speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that you are only educating the audience because many speakers focus strictly on the entertainment aspect of a presentation. There are a variety of situations where it can be beneficial to hire entertainment and humor speakers, and you will have audience members rolling in the aisles after listening to the presentation. The humor can be catered to all types of audiences, both old and young, and you should consider the demographic when hiring an entertaining speaker.

One reason that you might hire entertainment & humor speakers is to lighten up your event and transform the audience and everyone in attendance. If you are worried about the event being dull or uninteresting, then you need to consider the benefits of hiring the right entertainment speaker to help.

These presentations come in a variety of styles, including stand-up comedy, music, and other types of performances. The goal is to entertain and please the audience, to leave every individual in a good mood because of the fun experience.

In addition to the entertainment factor of the presentation, there are also a number of entertainment and humor speakers who deliver a message along with their performance. By lacing education with humor, it is easier to drive the point home and help audience members remember the message that was shared.

Entertainment & Humor speakers can be hired for corporate events, on-campus student activities, small organizations, and any other situation that you can imagine. The audience will be pleased with their experience, and the speaker will work hard to keep the audience amused and entertained throughout the presentation.

Actors & Actresses (112 experts)

Actors & actresses speak about their experiences and ways to utilize their skills from professional acting. They pass along tips, techniques, and skills gained from years of acting experience.

Arts/Culture/Music (840 experts)

Arts/culture/music speakers share the portal for artistic knowledge and discovery. Help your audiences from all races, religions, and countries come together to learn, connect, and share.

Character Portrayals (63 experts)

Character portrayal speakers transport you and your audience into their created situations, while inspiring you to open up and learn something new about yourself.

Comedian/Comedienne (423 experts)

These speakers offer their comedic skills to entertain your audience and to teach a message.

Entertainment (1,311 experts)

Entertainment speakers transform your event through humor, music, and performances. They will please and amaze your audience.

Film (1 experts)

Speakers on Film play a major role in film as a powerful medium within our culture.

Humor (760 experts)

Humor speakers share their expertise, experience, and knowledge on a variety of subjects through their humor. They will entertain and amuse your audience!

Magic/Magician (166 experts)

Magicians and speakers who use magic in their presentation excite audiences through humor, magic and meaningful messages that will leave your audience inspired and amazed.

Master of Ceremonies / Emcee (421 experts)

Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) enliven your audience through humor, music and high energy. You don't want to miss out on a speaker than will set the right tone for your meeting, retreat, or lecture!

Musicians/Bands/Singers (534 experts)

Musicians/bands/singers provide appropriate event entertainment to bring your audience together in a fun environment. They keep your audience engaged and excited throughout your event.

Sexuality (49 experts)

Sexuality speakers educate and empower audiences to cultivate a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life.

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