Are you looking for an engaging campus & education speaker? Here you will find qualified speakers that are passionate about their fields of expertise and are ready to share with your audience. This type of speaker is the perfect solution for both large and small events on campus, and they also offer valuable speaking skills for other off-campus events.

Education is essential in the workplace, which is why many organizations promote continuing education classes. Since education is a never-ending aspect of life, it makes sense that many universities and other organizations enjoy bringing in speakers to help their students and faculty. The advantage of hiring a speaker for your education or campus organization is that you can have the messages delivered from a fresh perspective, offering insight and inspiration to everyone in attendance.

Subjects include a variety of topics such as leadership, politics, business, human rights, diversity, law, ethics, health care, adventure, identity, sustainability, technology, and more. A good speaker can inspire and move people to take actions that they may not have normally taken. The message will be tailored to the need of your group.

The hope is that your audience will find the presentation to be both entertaining and informative at the same time. These speakers can help each member of the audience prepare to continue their education and further their careers.

Consider the topics facing your school today, and hire a campus and education speaker who can deliver a message to help your organization overcome those obstacles. Students, employees, and community members can all benefit from presentations delivered by a campus & education speaker.

Addiction (63 experts)

Addiction speakers share their stories with others to help them find their own success. They may still be fighting the battle against addiction, as the road to recovery is long. Their stories are insp ...(read more)

Adventurers (238 experts)

Adventurer speakers are experienced professionals who correlate challenges in difficult environments to life and business. Adventurers also teach skills for achievement in these challenging areas.

Adversity (599 experts)

Adversity speakers share their experiences of perseverance, tragedy and triumph along with great skills to resolve adversity in any situation.

Alcoholism/Drug Abuse (145 experts)

Alcoholism/drug abuse speakers offer skills to help audiences find their own happiness and success. Audiences can utilize these skills to find personal power, to succeed in life, and to heal relations ...(read more)

Arts/Culture/Music (840 experts)

Arts/culture/music speakers share the portal for artistic knowledge and discovery. Help your audiences from all races, religions, and countries come together to learn, connect, and share.

Attitude (965 experts)

Attitude speakers encourage audiences to use the powers of your mind and imagination to improve your life and to achieve your goals.

Best-Selling Author (781 experts)

Best-Selling Authors demonstrate their knowledge and skills to your audience by proven methods found in their best-selling book(s).

Black History (101 experts)

Speakers who speak about Black History give a dynamic historical perspective of culture and diversity. These speakers help audiences and communities become globally diverse and embrace multiculturalis ...(read more)

Bullying (57 experts)

Bullying speakers share strategies for identifying shared values and goals to your audience and fostering a culture of bullying.

Business (1,806 experts)

Business speakers help your business run smoother, communicate more effectively, and help improve your profit. They also teach leadership skills and ways to interact with all types of employees.

Business Trends (363 experts)

Business trends speakers teach your organization that information is power. They also teach how to gain the latest information about business trends and analyze the current trends of your customers.

Celebrity (460 experts)

Celebrity speakers share with your audience their career highlights and the steps that led them to their notoriety.

Change (1,595 experts)

Change speakers get you off your seat and fired up for the change you and your organization are seeking. They discuss the behaviors and fears that are stopping change and ways to move forward.

Character Portrayals (63 experts)

Character portrayal speakers transport you and your audience into their created situations, while inspiring you to open up and learn something new about yourself.

Civil Rights (62 experts)

Civil rights speakers help you create a respectful and diverse workplace. They also provide services that enhance workplace effectiveness and foster an inclusive environment.

Colleges/Universities/Schools (180 experts)

Colleges/Universities/Schools are always looking for an engaging speaker for their students. These speakers are passionate about this age group and the challenges they face in today's world.

Communication (2,269 experts)

Communication speakers enable your audience to have effective communication, successful leadership and greater workplace environment. They teach you how to express your feelings and opinions in effect ...(read more)

Computers (88 experts)

Speakers who present about computers are tech-savvy and professional speakers, so you have the best of both worlds. They are captivating, powerful, entertaining speakers who also possess the technolo ...(read more)

Creativity (623 experts)

Creativity speakers ignite your creative powers and help you create strategies and systems to put foundations under your bright ideas. They generate and apply fresh thinking.

Crisis Management (54 experts)

Crisis Management speakers help others with crisis preparedness and dealing with high-risk situations.

Current Events (176 experts)

Current events speakers engage your audience in what is going on today and how this can affect your organization in the future.

Discrimination (12 experts)

Discrimination experts address issues involving age discrimination, employment discrimination, race discrimination, religious discrimination, racial discrimination, and sexual discrimination. They sha ...(read more)

Diversity (873 experts)

Speakers who speak on diversity help others accept, embrace, and respect people of different race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, political beliefs, or id ...(read more)

Eating Disorders (35 experts)

Eating disorders speakers help determine the biological, psychological and/or environmental abnormalities that attribute to an eating disorder. They also give ways to help with self esteem and share t ...(read more)

Education (802 experts)

Education speakers address with your audience issues like bullying, leadership, teaching, parenting, technology, children's health, and other important topics facing today's schools. They teach you th ...(read more)

eLearning (26 experts)

Experts in eLearning share how easy and simple it is to learn by utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, their eLearning ...(read more)

Entertainment (1,311 experts)

Entertainment speakers transform your event through humor, music, and performances. They will please and amaze your audience.

Ethics/Integrity (293 experts)

Ethics/integrity speakers teach your organization what can be done right now to make sure risks don't turn into costly ethical and legal problems later. They also teach how even a small focus on ethic ...(read more)

Etiquette (92 experts)

Etiquette speakers teach the most contemporary and universally accepted business etiquette skills that equip them with greater confidence for any business setting.

Gender Issues (156 experts)

Gender issues speakers offer skills and solutions for resolving gender related problems in your organization.

Generation Issues (270 experts)

Generation issues speakers discuss ways to dissolve problems between generations in your organization. They show how resolving differences can increase your organization's success.

Healthcare (637 experts)

Healthcare speakers share a variety of insights about healthcare by connecting it to the economy, healthy lifestyles, management and more.

Human Rights (85 experts)

Speakers who share insights on Human Rights discuss the importance of equality and opportunity for all people, communities, and employees.

Identity Theft (41 experts)

Identity theft speakers share strategies to discover and to avoid personal identity theft through their real-life experiences.

Inclusion (191 experts)

Inclusion speakers share strategies for identifying shared values and goals to your audience and fostering an inclusive culture.

Leadership (4,892 experts)

Leadership speakers instruct audiences on how to develop leadership skills and how to retain characteristics for success. They empower audiences to lead and succeed.

Learning (9 experts)

Experts in Learning share process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals, and some machi ...(read more)

Life Balance (801 experts)

Life balance speakers share ways to balance busy schedules and lifestyles. Through their experiences, they show the importance of values and proportionality in life.

Meeting/Event Planning (72 experts)

Speakers who speak on Meeting/Event Planning understand the process of organizing an meeting or event. They know that having a smooth running event can mean the meeting or event was a success. They k ...(read more)

Mentoring (115 experts)

Speakers who speak on Mentoring talk about the importance of Mentoring in your personal life as well as business life. They provide ideas and encouragement to keep you motivated, and if your headed i ...(read more)

Motivation (3,291 experts)

Motivation speakers with encourage and inspire your audience through their real-life experiences of overcome obstacles and succeeding against all odds.

Political (252 experts)

Political speakers discuss politics in governments, economies, the media, and more. Your audience will gain a greater understanding of politics and their influence.

Race (40 experts)

Speakers who speak on race help others accept, embrace, and respect people of different races and backgrounds. These skills will help your organization and community be a safe, positive, and inclusive ...(read more)

Safety/Security (239 experts)

Safety/security speakers share strategies and practices to increase safety and security in both your business or organization and your home.

Sexual Harassment (40 experts)

Sexual Harassment speakers discuss harassment in a workplace or other professional or social situations. They help identify how to avoid unwanted sexual advances either physical or verbal in the workp ...(read more)

Sports/Athletics (856 experts)

Sports/athletics speakers share their real-life experiences to motivate and educate audiences about important lessons learned in sports.

Suicide Prevention (23 experts)

These speakers educate and empower audiences to cultivate a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life.

Sustainability: Environment (178 experts)

Sustainability: environment speakers educate audiences on how to maintain the environment and contribute to conservation efforts.

Sustainability: Organizational (87 experts)

Sustainability: organizational speakers share strategies for businesses to remain profitable and contribute to conservation efforts.

Unconscious Bias (90 experts)

Unconscious bias speakers talk about its effects in this day and age on the workplace and in our daily lives. Unconscious biases affect all of us, and can have an impact on the way we view and treat o ...(read more)

Women in Business (1,019 experts)

Women in business speakers share real-life experiences and empower women to perform well in the workplace.

Women in Society (384 experts)

Women in society speakers discuss the various ways women contribute to, enhance, and advance society. They empower women to make a difference!

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