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What does the world have to offer in the future? A future trends speaker is a great option to keep an audience of futurists entertained. Many people are interested in technology developments, and changes that are occurring around the world, and a future trend speaker will highlight some of the things that people might be interested in.

There are a variety of topics that a futurist speaker might present to your audience, so it is important that you find a speaker who is in alignment with the message that you would like to have delivered. For example, some of these speakers might present information about changes in technology and the new gadgets that will be coming up over the next few years. Another type of presentation might focus on economic information, helping audience members to understand more about the way current economic trends might impact the financial future of our country.

A Future Trends/Futurist speaker can bring an engaging, interesting conversation that will be enjoyed by all audience members in attendance. Many people are interested in the concepts of what will happen in the future, and they want to learn more about how the trends are changing to impact the trajectory of different industries and topics.

Additionally, when you hire a Future Trends/Futurist Speaker, you will see that the presentation can motivate audience members to take action with the projects they are working on. People will be able to generate new ideas and push their teams forward to higher levels of success as they look towards the future.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the top eSpeakers future trends experts in our system.

Best-Selling Author (805 experts)

Best-Selling Authors demonstrate their knowledge and skills to your audience by proven methods found in their best-selling book(s).

Change (1,666 experts)

Change speakers get you off your seat and fired up for the change you and your organization are seeking. They discuss the behaviors and fears that are stopping change and ways to move forward.

Cryptocurrency (17 experts)

Cryptocurrency speakers help your audience understand the concepts and implications of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the world of digital finance is headed.

Cyber Security (82 experts)

Cyber Security speakers share strategies and practices to increase protection, lessen theft or damage to the hardware, software or the information on them, in your business, organization or your home.

Disruptive Technology (103 experts)

Speakers on Disruptive Technology discuss the disruption and influence of, and resources available through technology for your organization or business.

Future (330 experts)

Future speakers discuss ways to anticipate and prepare for the future. They help audiences appreciate the present while looking forward to a positive future.

Global Economics (112 experts)

Global economics speakers teach about the worldwide economy including how different countries influence change and how localized economies contribute to the world economy.

Healthcare (642 experts)

Healthcare speakers share a variety of insights about healthcare by connecting it to the economy, healthy lifestyles, management and more.

Metaverse (2 experts)

Speakers on the Metaverse can help audiences understand the implications of a virtual world that's an extension of our physical reality. They can discuss how Metaverse technology can revolutionize var ...(read more)

Remote Work (5 experts)

Speakers on Remote Work offer insights and strategies for adapting to the increasingly remote nature of work. They provide tips on effective communication, time management, and overcoming the challeng ...(read more)

Strategic Planning (562 experts)

Strategic planning speakers educate audiences on the best practices for developing, planning, and maintaining certain strategies. These speakers help businesses create the right strategy for them.

Technology (740 experts)

Technology speakers discuss the significant influence of, and resources available through technology for your organization or business.

Trends (81 experts)

Speakers who discuss Trends research history and anticipate the future. They help audiences appreciate the past while looking forward to a positive future.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (8 experts)

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Our experts explain this world and help your organization learn to take advantage of ...(read more)

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