Maurice A. Ramirez
Maurice A. Ramirez, DO, PhD

Florida, United States


Maurice A. Ramirez, DO, PhD

Florida, United States

"Find out why Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE says, "Learn from Dr. Ramirez!""

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About Maurice A. Ramirez

Mother Nature wrecks havoc on your building... 
     The company recalls 23 million products…
Corporate Compliance reports are dismal…
               Data is redundent, but staff is absent...

Management wants quicker decisions, new ideas…
     Headquarters wants damage control…
    The Press wants a statement…
The Public wants answers!!! 

As an executive struggling to cope...
     What do you most need to know?

Who can prepare you for "The Unthinkable"?

Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez prepares you to manage
          Missteps &
                              Disaster &

Dr. Ramirez works with market mindful business leaders who want to do more with less in good times and bad. 

When it is already too late to prevent a problem, Dr. Ramirez assists companies in crisis to turn outrage into enthusiasm. And, of course, Dr. Ramirez partners with enlightened executives to mitigate outrage and enhance enthusiasm beforehand as well.

Dr. Ramirez provides corporate and healthcare executives with strategies based on his business triage principles that increase resource efficiency and process enhancement making it possible to support customer goals and corporate outcomes in virtually any situation. With Dr. Ramirez at your side,

You Do More With Less In Good Times & Bad!  

Dr. Ramirez also guides client companies through the process by which public sentiment can be accurately predicted and even changed with the management of the corporate message. With Dr. Ramirez at your side, 

You Prevent Outrage and Enhance Enthusiasm!

For over two decades, Dr. Ramirez has honed the skills you need in demanding times. His experience and education, including being part of the medical team that responded to Katrina, brings the power of preparedness to your office and your life. With Dr. Ramirez at your side,

You Can Survive Anything, Anywhere, Every Time!

Dr. Ramirez is the one person who possesses the expertise in Disaster Healthcare, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Planning, Personnel Continuity, Disaster Response, Resilience, Disaster Recovery and Risk Communications to serve a spectrum of distinguished clients including:

  • Meeting Professionals International
  • Federated Stores
  • NASA
  • Zales
  • FEMA
  • Pfizer
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • University of Miami
  • Florida State University
  • and (Your Name Here)

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Corporate Keynotes and Seminars:

Do More With Less in Good Times & Bad!
74% of all start-ups fail in the first year due to failure to achieve reasonable goals and outcomes. In every case the problem is not the failure to have goals, but rather the inability to achieve them in a resource limited situation.Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez will teach you to identify and prioritize your key business outcomes and properly allocate resources to support and maximize your processes and profits. By employing the four categories of business goals, four classes of business processes and the three step method for maintaining business continuity in almost any situation you will maximizing results in virtually every circumstance.  Set priorities that grow your business.Ensure your economic survival.

Institute Business Triage Today!!!

Prevent Outrage and Enhance Enthusiasm!
Businesses large and small want happy customers, happy employees and happy vendors. Regardless of whether a multinational corporation or a “Mom & Pop” store, enthusiastic supporters are a marketing asset while a single outraged person is a liability. Studies have shown that the average “satisfied customer” refers five people while the average “dissatisfied customer” finds 11 people to chase away.

Using the simple equation:

Tolerance = [Risk] 

Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez guides you through the process by which businesses can predict public and even individual sentiment (tolerance). Of all the factors that determine customer sentiment, “expectation” is the only factor that you can change. If expectation can be made to match reality, Outrage is changed.  Through expectation management, Anger is downgraded to Concern; Concern is converted to Opportunity; and Opportunity is upgraded to Enthusiasm.

You Can Survive Anything, Anywhere, Every Time! 
It is through the maintenance and enhancement of resilience, both for ourselves as individuals as well as for the processes by which we provide for the most critical needs of our businesses and families, that we ensure that with whom we share our lives and careers thrive with us despite the adversity that faces us. There are seven areas of human functioning:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Interpersonal
  • Societal
  • Tactical
  • Spiritual

Each of these areas of human functioning have a corresponding form of resilience—a canteen that we fill in the time between disasters and that we draw from during the response to a disaster. Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez has used his canteens to sustain him through some of the worst disasters of the last quarter century. Now he will help you keep your canteens filled to the brim.

Personnel Continuity 
It is guaranteed that each day your greatest assets (employees and customers) will walk out your door. The question is will they come back? The last two decades has seen an explosion in the practices of business continuity and data redundancy.  Businesses from major corporations to small firms have firewalls, offsite data duplication and copious hardware to ensure that the business operates in the face of any adversity. All of these systems rely on people to keep them running, enter data and deal with customers. Are you sure your people will be there? 

Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez has spent decades teaching response agencies, government and corporations to anticipate and plan for Business Personnel Continuity. Employing a combination of vulnerability analysis and Business Triage techniques, Dr. Ramirez will help you ensure that not only are the machines operating, but that people are there to run them.

Healthcare Keynotes and Seminars:

Expanding the Healthcare Highway
Surge capacity means more than treating extra patients and before you can truly serve the surge, you must not only understand who makes up the surge, but what you will do with them once they arrive. To complicate matters, you must deal with laws such as EMTALA & HIPPA and agencies such as OSHA & EPA.

Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez has lived this life for over two decades and has become the “road crew” widening the healthcare highway in hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. Dr. Ramirez demonstrates the overall approach to increasing surge capacity by 100%, 200%, even 400%. Dr. Ramirez provides detailed procedural guidance to make even daily operations more efficient. (Available as Keynote and a Full Day Seminar)

Continuous Integrated Triage
You stand with nine colleagues facing 5387 patients in need of triage.

There are 540 more arriving every hour.

How will you keep from being overrun? 

Will you find those in greatest need before it is too late?

Regular ER Triage won’t do the job!

Even the venerated S.T.A.R.T., JumpS.T.A.R.T. and S.T.A.R.T. to Finish triage systems will falter under the weight of humanity and need. 

Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez faced just this situation in 2005. Continuous Integrated Triage is the system he used then to triage all those in need of care in less than 10 hours. Dr. Ramirez will instill in you the principles that ensure you orchestrate overwhelming opportunities presented by disaster healthcare and mass casualty. (Available as Keynote and a Full Day Seminar)

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" amusement park ride that ends with both knowledge that 'sticks' and a new appreciation for the topic and enjoyable ways it can be presented."
-- Kevin Parsons, President, NCBS

"Dr. Ramirez is truly a 'renaissance man,' a masterful speaker and teacher, a savvy businessman, a caring father and husband, and a leading physician. I admire him and encourage you to learn from him."
-- Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

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