Robot Sico Millenia
Robot Sico Millenia

New York, United States

Robot Sico Millenia

New York, United States

"Sico is, in fact, the most sophisticated mobile communication robot in the world."

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$3,850 - $5,000

About Robot Sico Millenia

As a product of INTERNATIONAL ROBOTICS, INC., the new Millennia is an upgraded generation of the extremely popular series of Sico robots, and is, in fact, the most sophisticated mobile communication robot in the world. His impressive list of credentials includes: - The world's only robot with membership in the Screen Actor's Guild. - The world's only robot with his own personalized American Express Platinum credit card and passport. If desired, Millennia's body is actually engineered to travel as a conventional passenger in an airplane's first or business class bulkhead seat. On such occasions, Sico Millennia would clear customs alongside other passengers, using his own passport and ID. Of course, Sico also travels freight and will not complain if asked to do so!! - Sico Millennia is six feet tall with beautiful, star-like "alien" blue eyes and an elegant organic body design. His body is especially well animated for a very life-like presentation and Millennia can be multi-lingual, speaking up to seven languages. This impressive new generation is just being released for leading businesses and entertainment groups. Be it for business events of in the entertainment and film industry, Millennia is simply the most advanced on/off-screen technology ever conceived. The robot has unprecedented engineering, and its on-board computers allow it to perform feats that exceed the previous capabilities of human engineering. More to the point, the robot is typically operated by only one or two entertainers, as opposed to the 6-12 animators or puppeteers commonly required for devices of this complexity. This makes Sico Millennia ideally suited to working reliably and economically alongside live actors, corporate executives and professional narrators in scripted presentations such as seminars, trade show exhibits, motion pictures, television shows and theater. - Sico/Millennia's rare complexity and impressive appearance also makes him ideally suited to advertising and promotional campaigns, TV commercials, sponsored events, conferences, press interviews, talk shows, goodwill tours, educational programs, or acting as an official spokesperson or mascot for the 21st Century. Even more exciting is the fact that Sico Millennia is the world's first such mobile robotic technology that is so self-contained and nearly autonomous the robot can perform public and live appearances, since the single actor/operator controlling the robot is able to do so transparently - in full view of the audience without any visible equipment. This live remote control includes voice and animation, as well as instant access to "macros" (entire sets of shows preprogrammed inside the robot's computers that can be triggered on demand). Millennia also has an extensive library of digitally altered voices so the robot may present itself as a male, female, child, alien, etc. An extensive and reprogrammable library of sound effects and musical segments is also remotely accessible to the actor/operator any time during the performance.