Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson, PhD

Texas, United States

Charles Thompson, PhD

Texas, United States

"Charles Thompson's Sports Illustrated cover launched his speaking against drugs"

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About Charles Thompson

Charles grew up in Oklahoma, had a storied career as quarterback for the University of Oklahoma and was even drafted by the Reds as a 2nd baseman. His promising career was cut short in 1989 when Charles was convicted of conspiracy to distribute drugs. Once released, Charles finished college and had a professional football career shortened by an injury.

He has overcome much. Currently, he is a successful businessman and tirelessly devotes his personal life to his family and to the youth. His life lessons are a testimony to God's grace and faithfulness. Charles feels, "The Lord has blessed me in many ways, but none measure up to his gift of eternal life. I pray daily that He will continue to open doors for me; give me the spiritual vision to see those doors, and to do His will."

He was a difference maker on the field, but his past pales in comparison to the difference he is currently making in society. Whether it is speaking at the Sun Bowl or Alamo Bowl for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, motivational speeches to corporations, moving talks at churches, or simply, yet powerfully recounting his life lessons to numerous youth organizations, Charles' influence will be felt for years to come.

As Jim Faulk, executive director for FCA, said, "Charles gave the most impactful talk we have heard in 20 years...the teams were moved you could have heard a pin drop."

Charles, his wife, and three sons currently live in Oklahoma City.

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