Alvin E. Miller
Alvin E. Miller

Tennessee, United States

Alvin E. Miller

Tennessee, United States

""An example of a success story that embodies the principles, faith, and hope of the Great American Dream!""

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About Alvin E. Miller


Dr. Alvin E. Miller, Sr.


     Dr. Alvin Miller's life story is a vivid example of how a person can turn a deficit into a positive.  He brings to the table a wealth of experiences to include his education, leadership and managerial skills, and wisdom.  Dr. Miller grew up in the project (public housing), in a poverty stricken environment, and as a delinquent and truant juvenile while in grade school.  As a child, he labored as a migrant worker picking oranges, grapefruit, potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers on the East Coast of the United States.  As a troubled youth, Dr. Miller had his brushes with the law, but with the help of a seventh grade middle school teacher and a loving single-parent mother that cared for eight other children, he was able to turn his life around.  However, the story is not the same for many of his boyhood friends that ended up in prison, some on death row, and others dead, and in 1996, one of his closest boyhood friends was executed in Florida's Electric Chair. 

     Dr. Miller is an example of a success story that embodies the principles, faith, and hope of the Great American Dream!  He has served as the Governor Drug-Free Communities Coordinator for the State of Florida, a high school teacher and coach, and as a district level administrator supervising more than 700 employees that serviced more than 20,000 customers daily; he is a successful military officer with nearly thirty years in the U.S. Army serving in 3 different branches in the U.S. Army and reaching the position and rank of Chaplain (COL); he is a prominent pastor with a weekly television program where he continues to inspire and change lives for the betterment of America and humanity.  He is a social activist and has received numerous awards from various social and civic groups/organizations for his positive work as an innovative community leader.

     Dr. Miller has earned degrees from Eastern Kentucky University (B.A. in Sociology), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity), Oral Roberts University (Doctor of Ministry), and a Diploma from the Command and General Staff College in the United States Army.  He has appeared on nationally televised shows such as 700 Club with former Presidential Candidate Pat Robertson where his church received an award as the 'Top Church in the America,' because of Dr. Miller's dynamic leadership vision for community outreach programs.  He has also appeared on The Bobby Jones Gospel Show where he was recognized as the one of the top twenty five pastors in Nashville, TN, and as a guest speaker on the PTL Club.   Dr. Miller is the author of the Radical and Controversial Jesus.

     Dr. Miller was an All-State high school football player in Florida and led Eastern Kentucky University to winning its first national championship title in a sports program (1979 NCAA 1-AA National Football Championship).  Dr. Miller was the team's leading rusher and named by ABC Television and Chevrolet Corporation as the Most Valuable Player for the 1979 NCAA 1-AASemi-final game and Championship Game.  He has been inducted into the St. Lucie County, FL Sports Hall of Fame and the Eastern Kentucky University Sports Hall of Fame.  In 1984, after being honorably discharged from Active Duty in the U.S. Army, Dr. Miller was invited to the Houston Oilers Free-Agency Professional Football Camp.  As Paul Harvey would often say, "Now, you know the rest of the story!"

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