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Does your speaker website use YouTube or Flash-based video?
Available now—eSpeakers next-generation video for speaker websites offers important advantages over YouTube and Flash-based video.
Get the attention you deserve when eSpeakers powers the video on your site. Meeting planners want to see you in action. Video is one of the best ways to market yourself online.

Upgrade your website by replacing YouTube or Flash-based video with eSpeakers new video plugin.
  • Silky-smooth HD format (widescreen) video
  • Plays on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices
  • Always-visible playlist encourages more watching
  • Video links on your pages can be any size/shape
Can everyone see me? A growing number of meeting planners using iPads, iPhones and some other mobile devices cannot view Flash-based video. YouTube links can take mobile viewers away from your website into a separate YouTube-branded application and may even recommend competitor videos when yours is done playing!

Using YouTube or Flash-based video on your website means you’re leaving potential customers behind.
See it in action.
So easy, you won’t have to bother your webmaster. Just upload video files in any popular format and size, and our new system will automatically add them to your profile. If you already have high-quality video files on a web server or on YouTube, we can take it straight from there!

Adding your video playlist and individual videos to your website is a snap—copy a small HTML code snippet from your eSpeakers account and paste it into a page on your site. Done!
Need a boost?
The video plugin is included with an eSpeakers PLUS or PRO account.

If you’re not yet a PLUS-level eSpeakers member, upgrade to PLUS by Oct 1 with coupon code NEWVIDEO and get $50 off your first year of PLUS service. Upgrade to PLUS
Find out more.
Our wiki has tips for posting compelling video to your eSpeakers profile and using it on your website. Read more about video