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About Us
Art Berg

eSpeakers, recognized as the "industry utility" of the speaking industry, was founded by the late Art Berg, CSP, CPAE. Art was a successful professional speaker who believed that the right technology would play a critical role in the future of the industry as a whole, and in the individual offices of speakers, trainers and coaches with thriving businesses.

Fast-forward many years; thousands of successful speakers, trainers and coaches around the world now use eSpeakers to get new business and to manage their calendar and event details for sustained growth. We think Art would be pleased. eSpeakers "connected office" technology is built on many years of research and development with leading speakers, trainers, coaches, speaker bureaus and speaker management companies. eSpeakers can provide you with all the tools you'll need to build a successful and sustainable business.

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Association Partners

NSA National Speakers Association
MPI Meeting Professionals International
Women Speakers Association Women Speakers Association
Asia Professional Speakers Association Asia Professional Speakers Association
Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers

eSpeakers Recommends

Simply Virtual Simply Virtual
VBS On Demand Virtual Business Solutions on Demand
Sound Support Virtual Assistance Sound Support Virtual Assistance

Directory Subscribers

Agency For Speakers & Entertainers  Agency For Speakers & Entertainers
Agricultural Speakers Network  Agricultural Speakers Network
Asia Professional Speakers Association  Asia Professional Speakers Association
Authentic Speakers Bureau  Authentic Speakers Bureau
Business Speakers Bureau  Business Speakers Bureau
CAL Entertainment  CAL Entertainment
Canadian Assoc. of Professional Speakers  Canadian Assoc. of Professional Speakers
CAPS Atlantic chapter  CAPS Atlantic chapter
CAPS Calgary chapter  CAPS Calgary chapter
CAPS Edmonton  CAPS Edmonton
CAPS Manitoba chapter  CAPS Manitoba chapter
CAPS Montreal  CAPS Montreal
CAPS Ottawa  CAPS Ottawa
CAPS Saskatchewan  CAPS Saskatchewan
CAPS SW Ontario  CAPS SW Ontario
CAPS Toronto  CAPS Toronto
CAPS Vancouver  CAPS Vancouver
CMI Speaker Management  CMI Speaker Management
Creative Speakers Worldwide  Creative Speakers Worldwide
Dick Hall Productions Inc.  Dick Hall Productions Inc.
EQ Speakers  EQ Speakers
eSpeakers Talent Scout  eSpeakers Talent Scout
Experts Delivered  Experts Delivered
Florida Speakers Association  Florida Speakers Association
Future Voices  Future Voices
Georgia Real Estate Educators Assoc.  Georgia Real Estate Educators Assoc.
Get Paid To Speak  Get Paid To Speak
Global Speakers Agency  Global Speakers Agency
Global Speakers Federation (GSF)  Global Speakers Federation (GSF)
Global Speakers Network  Global Speakers Network
Healthcare Speakers Network  Healthcare Speakers Network
Infinite Speakers  Infinite Speakers
Inspiring Speakers  Inspiring Speakers
International Coach Federation  International Coach Federation
Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers  Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers
McKinney Speakers  McKinney Speakers
Midwest Speakers Bureau  Midwest Speakers Bureau
Motivational Speakers Bureau  Motivational Speakers Bureau
National Speakers Association - AU  National Speakers Association - AU
National Speakers Association - NZ  National Speakers Association - NZ
National Speakers Association - US  National Speakers Association - US
National Speakers Bureau (Canada)  National Speakers Bureau (Canada)
NSA  - Central Florida  NSA - Central Florida
NSA  - New Jersey Chapter  NSA - New Jersey Chapter
NSA  - New York State Chapter  NSA - New York State Chapter
NSA - Alabama Chapter  NSA - Alabama Chapter
NSA - Arizona Chapter  NSA - Arizona Chapter
NSA - Austin Chapter  NSA - Austin Chapter
NSA - Carolinas Chapter  NSA - Carolinas Chapter
NSA - Colorado Chapter  NSA - Colorado Chapter
NSA - Connecticut Chapter  NSA - Connecticut Chapter
NSA - DC Chapter  NSA - DC Chapter
NSA - Georgia Chapter  NSA - Georgia Chapter
NSA - Houston Chapter  NSA - Houston Chapter
NSA - Illinois Chapter  NSA - Illinois Chapter
NSA - Indiana Chapter  NSA - Indiana Chapter
NSA - Kansas City Chapter  NSA - Kansas City Chapter
NSA - Kentucky Chapter  NSA - Kentucky Chapter
NSA - Las Vegas Chapter  NSA - Las Vegas Chapter
NSA - Los Angeles Chapter  NSA - Los Angeles Chapter
NSA - Michigan Chapter  NSA - Michigan Chapter
NSA - Minnesota Chapter  NSA - Minnesota Chapter
NSA - Mountain West Chapter  NSA - Mountain West Chapter
NSA - New England Chapter  NSA - New England Chapter
NSA - New Mexico Chapter  NSA - New Mexico Chapter
NSA - New Orleans Chapter  NSA - New Orleans Chapter
NSA - New York City Chapter  NSA - New York City Chapter
NSA - North Texas Chapter  NSA - North Texas Chapter
NSA - Northern California Chapter  NSA - Northern California Chapter
NSA - Northwest Chapter  NSA - Northwest Chapter
NSA - Ohio Chapter  NSA - Ohio Chapter
NSA - Oklahoma Chapter  NSA - Oklahoma Chapter
NSA - Oregon Chapter  NSA - Oregon Chapter
NSA - Philadelphia Chapter  NSA - Philadelphia Chapter
NSA - Pittsburgh Chapter  NSA - Pittsburgh Chapter
NSA - San Diego Chapter  NSA - San Diego Chapter
NSA - St. Louis Chapter  NSA - St. Louis Chapter
NSA - Tennessee Chapter  NSA - Tennessee Chapter
NSA - Virginia Chapter  NSA - Virginia Chapter
NSA - Wisconsin Chapter  NSA - Wisconsin Chapter
Orange County Speakers Bureau  Orange County Speakers Bureau
Orlando Speakers Bureau, Inc.  Orlando Speakers Bureau, Inc.
Otellus  Otellus
Pinnacle Speakers Bureau  Pinnacle Speakers Bureau
Powell Kohne Associates  Powell Kohne Associates
PPI Marketing  PPI Marketing
PPI Speakers  PPI Speakers
Professional Speakers Association - SA  Professional Speakers Association - SA
Professional Speakers Association UK  Professional Speakers Association UK
Professional Speakers Bureau  Professional Speakers Bureau
Professional Speakers Network  Professional Speakers Network
Promenade Speakers Bureau  Promenade Speakers Bureau
Real Estate Educators Association  Real Estate Educators Association
redpropeller, llc  redpropeller, llc
Rural Voices  Rural Voices
Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau  Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau
Southeast Speakers Bureau  Southeast Speakers Bureau
Speaker Exchange Agency  Speaker Exchange Agency
Speaker Resource Center  Speaker Resource Center
SpeakerBank  SpeakerBank
Speakers Network Worldwide  Speakers Network Worldwide
Spotlight Speakers & Entertainment  Spotlight Speakers & Entertainment
Talk About Speakers  Talk About Speakers
The Speaker Agency  The Speaker Agency
Together We Can Change The World  Together We Can Change The World
Vital Smarts Speakers Bureau  Vital Smarts Speakers Bureau
Women Speakers Association  Women Speakers Association
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